What does it mean when a guy calls you 'Girly'? As in "Hello girly"

I was talking to a guy I'm interested in and after awhile, he had to leave so said "Have to go, it's late. Bye, have a good night girly."

I just want to know, does that mean he sees me as his friend or...?


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  • Nah. Personally I think it's just his style. Like it's a trait of his. There Is a chance that this is just a petname, and if so this could mean he has a thing for you. Though it might just mean he's cute. Anyway I think that it's not much for you to focus on. It's probably nothing one way or another. So don't fret. Though if you like the guy maybe you should flirt with him a bit. Send him signals or something and see if he makes a move. Whatever works.

    Good luck with this. Bye.


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  • yeah its not a big deal , a lot of guys call me girly or baby or sweetie and I don't really think about it too much. It's just their style or a cut pet name. He probably just feels comfortable around you.

  • I think as just a friend. Nothing too unusual about girly...not if he called you love that would be a different story

  • I hate being called "girly", it sounds so patronising like "sweety"- I mean, did he pat you on the head when he said it, and especially not by a hot guy. I think its more of a friendly thing, a guy that wants to date you does not call you girly.

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