Are double chins unattractive?

I have a bit of one. also my jaw line isn't as defined and attractive as others. I sorta have a baby face. I think I look better with facial hair since it sorta of "masks" those areas of my face and makes it look more defined and mature. but anyways how do you ladies feel about all this? are double chins unattractive? is facial hair attractive? I just want to look my best.


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  • its all about personal opinion but to me I find double chins unattractive and facial hair goes with some people it depends if you can pull it off, and if you can I say go for it

    • So you would never date someone with a double chin? I mean I'm not fat, but I've pretty much just always have had one, especially since I was chubby in my middle school years

    • Well if I was gonna date them it depends cause there's other factors that affect it other than a double chin. But lets say we were at a party they wouldn't be the first person I'd start to talk to, its just my personal opinion, because a chin isn't your whole face.

    • Yeah lol... I feel that I have plenty of redeeming qualities so yeah... lol ;)

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  • Look at it this way, Fat bastard lost a lot of weight and claimed the loose skin under neck looked like a vagina. Do you want that?

    • Its not that bad lol geez

  • Grow out a chinstrap or a goatee. It'll kill whatever double chin you have, and chicks dig it.

    • Thats pretty much what I do. looks better imo

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