Women's sizes in jeans compared to inches of men?

I wear 29" jeans, but can wear a couple of inches smaller but rarely ever see a 28" or 27" in mens. But I always found it weird that men have inches for jeans whereas women have 'sizes'. So in womens sizes I am a 6 or 8. I was just wondering why women don't just have inches like men. Or why men don't just have sizes like women?

Womens waists are 3 inches higher than mens, or so I have heard, especially when getting measurements. Kind of as depicted on this page:


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And mentioned on that page, depending on the manufacturer the jean size can be +/- 1 or 2 inches in the waist and +/- 1 inch in length.

Here is a nice chart list of various sizes:


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And here is a page that talks about converting from womens jeans to mens, it also had a shoe conversion as well:


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Add 21 to the womens size jean to get the mens inches jean.

If you wear a ladies size 12 jean you would try a men's size 33" waist. 12+21=33"

For shoes, to convert a women's size to a men's size subtract 1 1/2 sizes from the ladies. So a size 9 1/2 in women's would be an 8 in a men's.


So what do yall think about this?

and which would you prefer?

  • Keep things the way they are. Women-Sizes / Men-Inches
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  • Goto only sizes.
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  • Goto only inches.
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  • Have both sizes and inches, for both women and men.
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  • Women's jeans are victim of vanity sizing. The same number size in two different brands may be completely different in sizes altogether. Its complicated. European women's jeans come in inches, but even those you can't count on. I can range from a size 2 to a size 7. Forget online shopping. Such a pain in the ass.


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  • I've asked my mom and sisters about this and they say that they don't want the inches because it tells them how big they are, it's better to see a size 8 then 28". I personally wouldn't want sizes in men's because I wear a 32"w34"L and as it's hard already to find jeans/pants and just going on a number would not help the situation because normally people are as wide or wider then they are tall so say a size 12 would only really cover waist and not length. I hear tall girls have this problem to.

  • women like to have smaller numbers to describe their wastes. Being a "6" is better than being a "28"

    It makes no difference in the long run, why should we care?

  • Both sizes and inches would be cool, 'cos sizes are better for just buying, inches are better for tailoring.

    I'm around an 8 in girls clothing, too ^^ But, that's in the shops I usually go to. Every shop f***ing changes what sizes mean. Its really annoying. That way, inches would be better to compliment sizes, as well.