Did anyone tell you that you look like an anime charcter?cartoons ?xd

Like Anime charcter ? not a bad looking1.

if not!

if someone told you that how would you feel about it?

take it as a complment?

or feel weird about it?

I already feel weird about it.

the question sounds lame lol.

just wondering

and I really wouldn't like it.

would you?


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  • Yes, at one point I did. I personally don't think so but everyone has their opinion. When I was told that, I was shocked. I wasn't offended but then again.. they were saying that because I'm Asian and rather large chested. At the end, it was a good laugh :P but not something I would take as a compliment (a bit racist actually).

    • same here I wouldn't really be offend about it.

      i'd do what you did just laugh it off.

      happened once to my sister but she didn't get angry just did the same as you.

      but didn't like it anyways.

      and she is not asian.

      i don't think it is something raciest.

      But not really a complement

    • its a bit racist when the reason why they said it is because I'm asian :P. it all depends on why they said it and how they said it. so why did someone say that to you?

    • you mean to my sister lol!Maybe Because of the baby face! I think so lol.

      They said she looks really small with her small face.

      she just put her hair up And they said she looked cute then when she walked with 1of her friends,her friend said to her "you look lik an anime charcter,Forgot her name " she laughed.

      i don't think she looks like an anime!and I don't think that I look like that too lol.

      i asked the question for her.

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  • I've been told I look like the characters I draw. I wasn't happy or mad, just orly? There's so many different styles of anime it could mean anything. I assume you wouldn't take as a compliment because of the big anime eyes/heads, not all chars look like that. Some people think anime chars are cute/hot so it could be a compliment. :/

  • Yes and I took it as a compliment.(I hope it was a compliment).

    • lol..That's not a complement.

      at least to me.

      but wouldn't take it personal.

      imagine someone tells you that you look like this profile picture charcter lol it is really not a complement lol.

    • Okay I stand corrected

  • Yes I've been told that I look like an anime character , I've even been told that I look like a cartoon.I feel neutral about it.

  • No but since I'm Asian people assume I know everything there is to know about manga/anime.

  • i might find it a bit weird but I wouldn't be offended nor would I consider it a compliment


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  • If someone tells you that..i don't think its a compliment even if d cartoon character is cute or doesn't luk so funny,..u are just been made fun of...

    • yea that's why I wouldn't like it.

      xd just wanted to see what people think.

      sounds like some people take it as complement.

      But some people say it not because they want to make fun of you,just an opinion.

      not a big deal.