Would you dump your partner if they wore a WIG/hair piece?

yes or no


I did, I went out with a girl and she never disclosed that she had a wig on to me. I am the type of lover that gets wild in bed and holding on to the head or pulling hair is my thing. Since she was wearing a wig and didn't have the balls enough to confront me about or just talk about it I feel that was taking away from my enjoyment in the bed.

Note: she was wearing a wig because she had thin hair! She did not have any cancer.

Like what would you do if you incurred this with your mate that you liked?

I know you girls will say I am selfish... Go ahead say whatever.

Please be open and honest when answering tho.

Thank you.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • no that is just wrong. I have really thick and long hair but it is very hard to style nicely so I just want to wear a wig, then no need to take an hour to blow dry and then straighten and then tons of hair product. My guy would prefer I not wear a wig, but I have been wearing one since I was 18 so if it doesn't do him any harm he shouldn't be making a big deal out of it.


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What Girls Said 6

  • So the wig gets ripped away during sex? Sucks, it is sort of weird to have someone with a wig on. Is her hair really thin? Either way you go about it..you can\t pull her hair with the wig and would rip her hais off if her hair is so thin! So if she is a sex mate then she is of no use really. but if you like her for more than that, you will have to discuss this with her. Maybe her hair is just fine and you can make her realize that her hair issue shouldn\t be an issue...


    • i was told her hair was really thin... never actually seen it. yes I believe she was only a sex mate... she had a really nice personality. that wig problem was only 50% of why the relationship failed

  • She was probably really insecure about her hair, that's why she wore the wig, and now you dumping her has probably made it 10 times worse.

    It's a pretty shallow reason for dumping someone, there's no getting past that...

    • yes to some that makes me shallow and a jerk... I know but come on if you were hot and heavy and you get wild around the other persons head and they said no what would you say?

    • I'd ask why, hopefully they'd tell the truth about the wig an I'd say it' fine, just take it off. No big deal...

  • Why would you dump her because of that reason? If you liked her then it doesn't big deal for her thinning hair. Why not advice her to use vitamins for hair loss or any products that promote hair growth like Reloxe.

  • I have a condition called alopecia areata which means that I have lost about 50% of my hair in patches and I keep the rest shaved. It really annoys me when people think that having cancer is the only legitimate reason to wear a wig, your girlfriend may have also had a hair loss condition which was completely beyond her control and she was just doing what she had to do to give her confidence. I don't wear wigs that often, I tend to just go around bald a lot of the time. But what I do or do not put on my head is no concern of anyone's and my boyfriend completely understands that. Hair loss or thinning hair is a really upsetting thing for a woman and dumping someone because they couldn't do something sexual that you enjoyed is kind of gross when she clearly felt insecure about it in the first place.

  • i wouldn't dump them, but I would be a bit weirded out at frirst

  • I don't think there is anything wrong with wearing a wig, I have long shoulder length natural hair, but sometimes I like to wear wigs, because I don't want to damage my own hair by experimenting with relaxers - I love my curly hair (it's beautiful). if anybody says to me, is that your hair - it looks nice, I say thanks ...bought it yesterday or last week. Why would anybody want to pretend fake hair is really there own hair? I wouldn't.

    • okay, well maybe you can understand... do you take off your wig in the heat of the moment?

      have you ever not told that to a guy?

      thats what my ex did to me

    • My ex-boo knew what my natural hair looked like and when I wore a wig he didn't mind, as a matter of fact he loved my hair however I wore it. And yes I had been intimate with my ex boo when I wore my wig he grabbed my wig in the heat of a passionate moment and it came right off.

      We started to laugh and continued making love.

What Guys Said 1

  • Well 1st of all wearing a wig isn't really a biig deal if she still had hair. If you had one testicle woulld you want to tell her? No because it is just sommething that doesn't really f***ing matter. So to say she didn't have the balls to tell you she wears a wig is completely irrelevant and mean as sh*t. You broke up with her cause you couldn't grab her hair during sex? wow


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