What do guys think when they walk into a girl's bedroom?

OK, so this morning my dad didn't tell me the plumbers were coming round (it was a school day I shouldn't have been at home, I was sky-ving to study), anyway I didn't know till I heard their voices while they were coming up the stairs, at which point I was still in pj's. So I dived into my wardrobe and put on the first things I could find (Hollister tee and trakies) and ran a brush through my hair then tied it up. My dad knocked and asked if I was decent and I said yes so they came in. One was OK, he walked straight in. The other was hot around 23, and he stared and smiled at me as I embarrassingly walked out the door.

My room was a mess, random things around my room included:

- Clothes

- Clean underwear

- UK female killer’s book (it was next to the radiator so they probably would have seen it)

On my pink walls were:

- a collage of fashion magazine pictures

- Some anime posters

- Book shelves (random fantasy books, perfume, make up, jewelery etc.)

- A picture of my and my friends when I was 15, (18 now)

My wardrobe was still open so they could see what was in there too (I'm into vintage clothing). My room is pretty big.

My dad told me the hot one (referred to as the shorter one to him anyway lol) was totally 'taking in the scenery’, obviously not picking up stuff but looking around and not checking the radiators.

Yeah so anyway, question is what were they thinking/ what would you be thinking?


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  • Curiosity (a bit like walking into people's heads in here). Jumping to conclusions about your personality, values and interests based on what is sitting around. Not realising we are jumping to conclusions.

    Realising we are privileged - very few guys get to experience your private domain.


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What Guys Said 6

  • The fact that the room was cluttered would not have negatively affected my decision. I would have looked around to see if I could gauge your interests from the things you had around your room and the anime posters would have stuck out to me. I would have thought that was cool.

  • Too be honest, I'm really chill when I'm in a girls cause it shows me whatever they have just laying around, there comfortable enough around me as a friend for me seeing. But since it was just part of their job, I wouldn't be thinking anything about entering a ladies room

  • actually I personally wouldn't be thinking at all, I would never bother to look at the posters or make up or anything, besides I wouldn't look at you or smile to you so I don't make you feel embaressed, I will just enter and do my job cause I'm not on a date...work is work...

    but your messy bedroom may catch my eye a little...cause I don't like messy bedrooms and I like well ordered ones and clean ones...and your 18, you must start take responsibilities about your house chores...

    • Chores and responsibilities ha, you sound like my mom.

      (But really I do usually do a lot of chores, it just so happens that they walked in on a messy day)

    • It's alright don't worry, it happens with everybody, besides its a bedroom and it's the place where you sleep and you still awake and it ain't your fault it may happen with anyone...and you don't have a magic stick to turn everything cozy in a second...but if I was your father I would of gone to your bedroom alone to see if everything is OK than take the plumber up so I make sure that everything is ok...now about chores, well one day when you get marry, you must be ready to hold responsibilities

    • Yeah, I know I'll have a few, But he'd better be ready too, can't do everything on my own.

  • "What's this goofy sh*t all over the walls?"

    Haha but really, a guy doesn't think anything when he sees a girls room. Actually, it's one of those expected things that a girl is going to "dress up" her room and make it hers. And if he's on the job, he's probably not reading too much into anything anyway because he's busy doing what he needs to do.

    • Haha the s*hit on my walls describes my personality, but If you saw me outside I certainly don't look 'goofy' lol.

  • As a guy, I'll tell you now, I'd not be surprised nor would I really be thinking much of it. Sounds like a typical room be it a girl or a guy except instead of guy's stuff here and there it's a girl's :P I'd probably be wondering where you hide your sex toys :D hah I kid.

  • if I thought you were cute I would be thinking about what I would be doing to you if your dad wasn't home.


What Girls Said 2

  • Haha, I wouldn't have bothered with clothes, rather stayed in my pjs and put on a dressing gown.

    I don't think they would have cared, they were probably thinking about work, or what they were doing that evening. It's the same when you buy something embarrasing at the supermarket like condoms, the guy at the checkout doesn't care, he just wants to go home.

  • a guy walked in my rom once...he just said

    "dude...your room is a mess @_@..do you want me to help clan up xD"

    he wash joking =P

    hehe p.s who cares what they think...its your room o_O


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