Who wins girls'/women's hearts; the cute-looking guy or the manly one?

First option: shaved cute face, long/straight/styled hair, could be tall and short but mostly thin, no hair on his body except some light pubic hair, sensitive and giggles when you tell him girlie jokes.

Second option: manly rough-looking face with a stubble or a light beard, short hair on head or shaved, could be tall and short but has a toned body or could be lightly muscular, some hair on the chest, legs and arms. Hates pointless hang outs and either has a serious face or a manly laugh.

Warning: in some stupid areas in the world you'd find a bearded rough-looking guy that speaks and behaves in a girly-mannered way, I know, yuck!

Now girls, lets settle this debate, I've put almost all options available.
  • I am a cute/young girl and I'd take the first guy
    Vote A
  • I am rather a sexy/mature/feminine one, I'd take the first guy
    Vote B
  • I am a cute/young girl and I'd take the second guy
    Vote C
  • I am rather a sexy/mature/feminine one, I'd take the second guy
    Vote D
  • I am so gay and I don't even like boys
    Vote E
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Note#1: both guys look after themselves a fair amount. The first dresses all casual, the second wears suits and casual if out of work or at the uni. Both same age (so if you think 25 years old, think both, they could be also 20 or 30)


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think I like the sound of guy #1 the best. Although how long is 'long hair' in your opinion? I think guys tend to look stupid when there hair is crazy-long. The second guy seems like a bit of a jerk.. Especially with the no-pointless-hangouts rule, I love pointless hangouts!

    I'll take number one, and a pair of hair scissors.

    • lol his hair would be no longer than those of twilight and the like, the point is he takes care of his hair like girls do.

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What Girls Said 6

  • Both are alright. I'd pick option 1 I guess. Although I usually dig stubble and light beards on guys.

    But I like pointless hangouts, and the second guy seems like kind of a jerk. I definitely go for guys who I think are cute/adorable, rather than, like, MANLY AS F*** GRR. First choice basically describes the guy I like right now so I guess I'd pick that one, plus I know how much you're angling for everyone to pick the second choice. ;)

    • haha not really, I've been told I'm more on the cute side :p second guy is not less social than first one, first one could be less social and entertaining for the girls lol the hangouts could be anything you want them to be, but for girls your age hanging out should not have a purpose at all other than be fun lol

  • I don't know whether I'm cute, hot,pretty or sexy,because guys call me all of those, but I get cute, pretty and hot most often.

    But SIMPLY going by descriptions, the 2nd guy

  • Uff definetly the second guy, even if Im the cute kind in terms of my looks I like to be very femenine and mature. Though manly is my type I would still go for pretty boy if he has a manly personality, or if he is manly "enough" for me. We all have different standards anyway.

  • The body on the second the personality on the first that be a cute guy :)

    • HAHAHA

      oops... that'd be awkward 0.o

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    • haha thankfully there aren't two of california then, because if there were it'd be a disaster :p and how is halifax, is it fun to live up there

    • yea :) it iss its really fun I love to get up and just explore everywere!

  • i like guy 1!



What Guys Said 2

  • I feel there's a hidden undercurrent to your asking this. I picked guy one though, erngherngh

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