Motorcycle ride with makeup restrictions?

This guy that I had been flirting with but recently realized he was too confusing just asked me to go on a motorcycle ride with him. I said yes and then he told me that I could use one of his helmets but NO hair products or make up. I'm thinking 'WHAT!?" It's not like I wear much of either. He told me that those things ruin the lining of the helmet. His helmets cost $600. and have speakers in them. I just thought that was an odd request. Will one time really ruin his helmet? AND how does he think a woman would react to that kind of request!? For anyone following my drama.Yes this is with the 38 year old guy!


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  • Helmet liners are usually machine washable but it thins out the lining every time you run them through the wash. Personally I would never let a woman put one of my helmets on if she were wearing makeup or hair products that could get on the liner, so no it is not a strange request at all. And my helmets are nowhere near as expensive as his.

    The thing is, you are SUPPOSED to be able to get 5 years of use out of a helmet before you replace it, but every time you run the liner through the wash it shortens the life of it.

    • For the record no woman I have ever given a ride to ever had a problem with that request and was perfectly understanding about it.

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    • I guess I don't know what kind it is, but for $600. it's probably pretty fancy. He said it has a stereo and speakers in it. Wouldn't mascara and lipstick be ok? I mean what girl wants a man to see her with NO makeup on? What kind of bike is that in your picture?

    • The bike in my picture is a 2000 Suzuki SV650. I have owned it for almost 5 months now and it is my first bike. As far as makeup goes, I believe in the age old thing women used to tell their daughters about it: The point of makeup is to make it look like you're not wearing any. Mascara shouldn't be a problem but lipstick could be if it's a full face helmet.

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  • I have never ever heard that and I know lots of people who ride bikes, my dad owns one and I go on the back of his with a helmet on. :S

    Maybe I just wear a different helmet. Take makeup with you, then he'll have to wait for when your putting it on if you stop somewhere if you want too. and obviously facewipes for the return journey!

    • You probably weren't wearing a full face helmet, like the one I'm wearing in my pic. probably an open face helmet?

    • Nope. I do wear full faced. :/ I wear my make up but it never comes off on the lining or anything.

  • yeah, I'd agree with WeaponZero, put on Mascara but leave anything smeary (like lipstick, rouge) away. You'll look fine with Mascara, it's a confidence thing :). Have fun on your ride

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