I had to replace some insoles in my shoes. Now they're sliding around like crazy. How do I keep them in place?

So the insoles in my shoes wore out (those padded slips that go inside of your shoe, between your feet an the bottom of your shoe), and I decided to buy some new ones as opposed to buying whole new shoes. I got those Dr. Scholl's gel insoles, and they were pretty comfortable... for about 4 minutes or less.

The problem is that they keep sliding around in my shoes and it's pissing me right off. Seriously either the tips crumple up by my toes every couple minutes, or they slide forward and curl up over my toes and leave my heel sitting on the back edge of the pad, and ultimately it gets ridiculously uncomfortable.

Seriously man this sh*t is pissing me off. I spent nearly 20 dollars on these gargling pieces of sh*t, now I just wanna know how to keep them in place so I can walk around comfortably and NOT have to take my shoes off and adjust these

So any suggestions? Because I have no clue.

I tried duct tape, as per a friend's suggestion. I tried double sided tape as well, thanks to a similar suggestion. Both resulted in a headache trying to put them in in the first place. The result was less than awesome. The moisture from inside the shoe caused the adhesive in the tape to become useless almost instantly. So don't bother suggesting tape. No dice.

So yeah I will award someone with best answer for the first person to suggest a SUCCESSFUL solution to my problem that doesn't involve buying new shoes, or tape.

Help me out here folks.


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  • A dab of glue in the front and a dab of glue in the back. Hope that helps a year later. :P

    • No, not even close. >:(

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    • :) Yes sir!

    • Alright then!

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  • Try some sort of super glue like liquid nails. I would go to a hardware or craft store and ask their advice on what adhesive is best. You need something strong that will work with the materials. Maybe even take in the shoe and show them.

  • Glue them down.

  • maybe you got the wrong size. do they come in different sizes?

    • I compared it to my old insole. It was the right size.

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  • Did you cut them down too small or are your shoes bigger than the biggest size insoles?

    The only thing I can think of is spray adhesive.

    • How bout a brand then? Anything you recommend? And no I didn't cut them too small.

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    • 3m Super 77? would this actually work? Have you tried this?

    • I've used it to fix headliners that started to droop. It works for that.

  • I had an issue with my sole once and some lining with super glue from the dollar stroe fixed ti completely.

    1. delace

    2. glue

    3. place

    or, random idea

    SEW IT IN!

  • I would go with some kind of adhesive or even glue. Are you sure you didn't just trim the insoles too much?

    (Btw, it seems you placed this in sexuality... ^^;)

    • I totally didn't. This seems to be a glitch or something. Tons of people lately have been saying "I don't know how my question ended up in sexuality".

    • True... I was thinking that myself. A few of my own questions randomly appeared here after remembering I selected the correct section.

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