When you're holding eye contact across a room, guys?

with a blank expression and you don't look away, what are you waiting for? Would a smile suffice?

A guy and I do this fairly often and I never know how to respond. He's not smiling, so I don't. But I imagine it's a bit odd to smile and stare at someone so I don't know if he's waiting for me to smile at him first. Would you make eyes at a girl until she stares back and hold it for nothing? Would you hold eye contact forever across a room with a girl you're NOT attracted to? I find it weird that he doesn't break eye contact unless I do and I've been told that's the action of the confident guys who think they can have whatever they set their eyes upon.

Would love any insight into the male mind that you can offer.


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  • I act exactly the same way. I have no trouble holding eye contact, I see it as a competition of who lasts longer. I always win. :p Some girls are tough competitors in this regard though lol

    I never smile though, because that's a giveaway that you're interested. First I need SOME sign that she's at least mildly amused by having my attention on her. If she just looks away immediatly with a conceited expression on her face = big no. If she stares back *without smiling*, I guess it depends on how long it lasts -- if just for like 3 seconds it's not enough for me to approach her, because she was just checking me out. If it's FOREVER like you said, especially when coupled with some kind of body language (she does something with her hair, for instance) then I'm there already lol

    And no I never do it for no reason 'cause that would create a problem and complicate both of our lives.

    One last thing, confident guys don't think they can have whatever they set their eyes on. That's more like conceited or delusional. ;)

    • this is helpful. When you say you have no trouble holding eye contact, you are talking about with a girl you're interested in, right? I often hear men attracted to a girl will wuss out of the gaze when caught looking but that can't be ALL men.That's why I'm confused about what this guy is doing.

      I think you sound exactly like the guy I'm enquiring about. So in your case (and his, I suppose), you don't smile because you don't want to show interest? Hahah I don't smile, should I start? thanks

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    • If you're the first to look away what you can do is smile faintly as you do it, like if you find it funny or you're a bit vexed and amused at the same time. Or just smile directly at him. That should count for something. ;)

    • Thanks for all the awesome enlightenment. I think he's into the staring - we both are. I found out why he doesn't smile. He thinks I hate him. Overheard him say to someone today "She doesn't even acknowledge me." So I guess the no smiling is because he doesn't know how to 'be' with me, (react) because apparently (according to him) I don't look friendly. Hahah all this is misunderstand over not smiling.

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  • hmm I never do this or I'm just spacing out so I'm not sure if I can really talk about this... but I never look into peoples eyes (I have insecurity issues tho) but people sometimes get weirded out because they think I'm staring at them but in reality I'm just spacing out they just happen to be there lol and we got a joke "if they hold eye contact for three seconds and you have to break it then they want your d***" (opposite in your case though) lol umm yeah sorry don't know if this is right or not maybe you should ask one of your friends maybe they know him better...

  • shy people tend to hold the gaze or quickly look away when caught this guy seems to enjoy holding it. I would say he is just dreaming if this happened once or twice but if its a lot he could be interested in what he sees. chances are if he is not smiling he is either shy or not sure how to react to you. when I catch the eye of an attractive girl I know I always smile as a reaction withought realizing it they smile back. he could not be used to doing this yet so just sits there trying to think what to do.

  • if he's not smiling, either he thinks your not attractive orrrrr he's just painfully shy and doesn't know if he should or not. remember, just cause you think he's good looking, doesn't mean he thinks you are. I won't smile at someone I don't think is good looking. its called leading them on

    • Hahaha I smile at people I don't find attractive all the time, since they're, well, human beings with feelings.

    • eww

    • I just posted a question about this very thing that just happened to me. Honestly I think I'm more likely to smile at a girl I'm not attracted to at all. It's something I need to work on. It's funny that I can hold eye contact with a girl who's practically a super model, but can't manage to smile.

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