I've got some issues going on with my modeling dream, can you help 2?

Right now I do some quite heavy exercises. (I am actually pretty talented at sports.) I don't stick to a specific diet since I don't have a habit of eating unhealthy and fatty food. I guess I'll be able to lose the weight I have gained in quarantine and take one more step to be the next Kendall Jenner.

But these questions keep flying in my head:

Why would they even choose me as a model? There are thousands of girls who have a better body, face, and personality than me.

Every girl has dreamt of being a model but why am I lost in this dream?

What happened to my body positivity thoughts? Why am I pressuring myself into a body standard that doesn't matter at all?

Am I just overthinking everything? Shouldn't I let the things go with the flow?

Let's suppose that I somehow became a model. Will I even become a succesfull model?

Shouldn't I choose a job that doesn't judge people with their appearances so that my ideas and character will be more appreciated?

I am not blaming my family or anything; but isn't it wrong to call a little girl a model, so that she'll set her expectations higher than the other girls and won't these patterns formed in her subconscious lead her to an unhealthy state of mind?

Please write down whatever comes to your mind to save me from this complicated situation I'm in. Don't hesitate! You'll genuinely help me!

X thisisallama
I've got some issues going on with my modeling dream, can you help 2?
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