When a girl isn't your ideal body type..

So, it seems like every guy out there likes curvy girls.

My boyfriend says he likes thin girls, the model type. (But he's also an ass man.) That made me feel good, because that's basically me except I'm short.

But every other guy in the world seems to like curvy...

I know a pretty face can get you pretty far even if you don't have a guys ideal body type.

I'm 5'3, very thin (not anorexic thin.) with perky A cups. A (very tight but still with some desired jiggle. haha.) big (for my slender body.) bubble butt. I have no hips but long fit legs. Not supermodel long, just a nice longer length for my body. I'm thin but very fit, with a butt. That's a curve I guess, haha.

Anyways, when you have an ideal body type in your head, what do you think of pretty girls that are so much different from it? And exactly how much does personality play a part in your attraction to a that girl? Are guys as picky as I think they are?
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Also, do you care more if a girl has your ideal facial features, or your ideal body?
When a girl isn't your ideal body type..
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