Why does my boyfriend always want to dress me up?

My boyfriend is always buying me clothes but he’s always wanting to choose what I buy. He bought me a pair of blue flat shoes but he made me try on loads of other shoes and heels before he chose the shoes he wanted me to wear.

he often wants me to do a ‘catwalk’ around the shop in ridiculously high heels and stilettos in shops and when he does he keeps talking about ‘drag queens’ he’s seen wearing the same shoes and keeps making jokes at the checkout about drag queens coming into the shop to buy their clothes.

at home, he always tells me what I should wear, and says things like ‘oh, those shoes would go great with that dress’ and ‘I really would like you to wear these shoes with this coat I bought you’. He also insults me and pulls out my hair whilst he’s brushing it and tells me that I’ve got no hair left; even though he’s admitted to having a hair transplant himself. One time we were in a supermarket and he started buying women’s hair products for his own hair and he asked me which hair products I’d recommend for him to use on his own hair

what’s his deal? Why is he so into dressing me up and making me wear heels all the time?
Why does my boyfriend always want to dress me up?
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