Why is there no love at the end?

Ive always wanted to ask this question. Why is there no love at the end of a relationship, okay lets put it this way. You see a girl and you start to develop feelings for them. You don't know how to approach them or start a conversation. Until you decide to grow some balls, man up and ask her out per say. A couple of times she says no, you feel like shit. Then you ask her out again and decide to give up, Until one day you ask her out, out of the blue and she finally says "yes." You go out to lunch, movies, park, etc. (who cares, the point is you went out). You got to know each others flaws. Couldn't wait to see them the next day, you just wanted to hear that persons voice. Got exclusive and went out some more.

Then bam, it feels like he doesn't care about your. You don't decide to call each other on the phone, just to see how the other one is doing. You don't want to see each other. After all that hard work in the beginning of trying to get the girl you wanted. You decided "what the heck, I'm tired of being in this relationship."

My question for guys is why would you want to end a relationship when you tried so hard to get this far and be with the girl you liked. Why would you mess with each others' emotions and pretend like they don't exist anymore?

Whats wrong?

Cant handle the fights?

No sex for you so you say "bye, bye"

Or too much sex?

Not enough intimacy?

No chemistry = Rule number 1: If there is no chemistry with someone you like and you got nothing to say, your relationship is bound to go down the tubes.

She doesn't dress the part, too girly? too emo? what's the reason?

I don't understand this, why would you wanna be in a relationship if you know its not going to last?

Why would you stay with someone for three years or five years if theyre not willing to marry you or they're already sick of you? WHY be in a relationship at all? If someone can tell me why does this always happen?

Too many questions on this site about boyfriend problems.like

"What is he thinking?"

"why can't I get a girlfriend"?

To be honest with you guys and girls, this site has turned from great questions to the same questions over and over again. If you like the freaking guy ask him out your damn self!

You can't make someone like you.

Why is there no love at the end?
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