How do you know if you're average looking or above average looking?

do above average looking people know they are above average? if so what life experiences reinforce the idea that they better than average?

sometimes I feel like above average looking and average looking people have the same life experiences, (by average, I don't mean ugly)...i mean it doesn't really make a difference being just would need to be at least an 8 out of a 10 scale in looks to experience a tremendously different quality of life from normal average people...

so how do you people know if you're just average looking and above average looking? do more people of the opposite gender approach you? I mean, I've seen average janes and joes get approached all the time, too, so it's not like only attractive people get approached frequently...
i guess the fact that I'm asking this question means I must not be attractive...because if I were, I'd definitely know.


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  • I do believe that some people are naturally a bit more attractive, but generally I find that it has WAY more to do with how people present themselves than anything else.

    People who get flattering hair, makeup, clothes, and a social, confident personality get WAY more attention, even if they are not as good looking.

    Take that up a notch to eating right for their body and working out, and it's like automatic hotness.


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  • First of all, you're speaking statistically. In the generally sense, we can say that Megan Fox is above average. I don't think she's ugly, but I don't find her attractive either. That's just my opinion, but it really doesn't count in the big picture.

    Regardless of what you look like, there's someone out there that's going to find you totally hot. What percentage of people that find you totally hot could be used to determine if you are above average or not? But who really cares? If you've found someone that you want to be with and that person finds you hot, do you care what other people think?

    The second part of your question pertains to being approached. This is little more difficult. People have perceptions. Sometimes people give off a vibe that other people perceive as unapproachable. I don't know if that's you, I'm just throwing that out there.

    And lastly, I've heard that women who are really attractive can get into a situation where men are intimidated by them because they are so attractive, so they don't bother approaching them. Again, I'm not saying this is or isn't you, I'm just throwing that out there.

    • okay, I don't want to put up my real pic for security reasons, but I will say I look like her

      in the face (I do NOT have her body type at all)


      and as for my body, you can probably add 15 more lbs...

  • A lack of compliments and like attention in that way are what made me realize I'm average

    • yeah nobody ever said I was pretty outright, only my parents and some old people

    • I would tend to agree with this man, if i was above average looking i would know about it. I think i have certain features about myself that are attractive but overall i am a very average looking person.

  • Just a combination of what people tell you, and you can compare yourself to other people. Clear skin, nice skin tone, eyes, hair, body, all the features combine to make you either good looking or not so good looking.


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  • well I must be average cause some people say I'm super exceptionally beautiful but others say I'm butt-ugly. logically they should cancel each other out, no? making me neither beautiful nor ugly.

    • As the final voice on such things, your def above average :P hahaha

    • aw thank you! it means a lot coming from someone with the final voice. (;

  • I think it's mainly a personal confidence difference;

    People who are more attractive, tend to be approached more, given compliments more often, and just have a very confident sort of air about them. ( which is why some people who are above average in looks, can get a little cocky or conceited because of the excess attention.)

    People who are more average, it can go either way; one day their confident and feeling sexy, the next day, eh not so much. They may get compliments here and there, and you get the feeling this person feels mediocre and isn't as confident about things sometimes.

    I would rate myself about an 8.5; I have a really pretty face, nice body, nice boobs, butt etc, lol so yea, I would say we do know we are a little above average. I've been told how cute, pretty, adorable, etc, since 4th grade, by my friends and boys. I'm not trying to sound conceited here or anything, don't get me wrong. I always feel really confident, even when I wake up in the morning and my hair is all over the place, and even throwing on a pair of sweats and a loose t-shirt to do some shopping.

    If I was say like a 4 or 5 on the hotness scale, maybe I wouldn't feel so hot until I was completely dolled up.

    Plus, it's nice because I'm not worried about my own confidence, so I can easily pump up some body else.

    So I believe we do pretty much have the same life, but I think the personal experience is what's different.

    • what if you're only approached more by girls? not boys?

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    • Wow, you think kristen stewart is average? I think she's better than that...

    • Yea, everyone has their own perspective on beauty though. Kristen is like a 6.5 ish with make up on. Without it, she just looks kinda bland. But like I said, everyone has their own aspect of what they feel is pretty...

  • Above avg- people of the opposite gender regularly leer at you, talk to you, ask you out.

    Confidence can shrink the barrier between avg and above avg, even perhaps set an avg at 10 and leave an above avg at 8.


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