Are these signs of attraction of a man to a woman?

Several things that happened with guys...are all of these signs that he was attracted to me?

1) Guy sitting next to you with a diff girl he is friends with on his other side, but he puts his arm around your chair the entire meal, and chooses to sit next to you, look into your eyes, smile, sit with his body towards and much closer to yours than hers.

2) This guy called me over and said "come here I want to tell you something" and so I did and he rested his arm on my shoulder and stood really close to me..practically whispering in my ear

3) If a guy walks up to you and stands really close facing you and puts his hands over yours

4) If a guy raises his eyebrows when he sees you

5) If you are working with him on a project or whatever and he gives you a lot of random smiles with eye contact, and he is the type who doesn't smile that much/is very sarcastic

These happened with a few different guys recently. I'm pretty sure they are signs of I correct?


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  • they all seem to be CLEAR SIGNS OF ATTRACTION to me! :)

  • Oh god yes.

    Particualrly the raised eyebrows. That is what body language experts call the 'eyebrow flash' and if it is delievered with a smile, then yup you're in their..oh and also try and look for dilated pupils.

    See when you like someone and you make eye contact, eye contact is a good indicator of attraction, but if you get an eyebrow flash, basically what is happening is the person is widening their eyes to have a better look. When you widen your eyes more light is reflected off the surface and allows the eyes to take more of the person in...bascially having a much closer look. The fact that he gets closer to you is good also. But remember, and something I have come to learn. GUT INSTINCT is a very powerful thing, if you feel there is something there, then you're probably right. From what you have described it sounds like a green light to me. If you want something else to look for, Mirroring. If the person copies your movements then you are heading in the right could also be that they match their tone of voice with yours, and it doesn't neccessarily have to be the exact same...for instance if you lift your hand to scratch your head, he may do the same, or he might raise his hand to scratch his ear...

    There is a guy at my work who I have recently discovered is interested in me, for a while I have known he has been paying a lot of attention through eye contact, but I was never certain why..but he, through body language let it slip...very obviously, and I am now seeing so many signs, and I also now question a lot of what happened before..little things that seemed insignificant now seem a lot more important.


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