Why am I so attracted to emo/scene girls and how can I date one?

For some reason I'm really attracted to scene/emo chicks and I don't know why. I would be considered a prep (Abercrombie, American Eagle, etc...) so I'm like the opposite lol. For simplicity I'm just going to say scene from now on.

I don't completely know why I like them so much. I think the way they look and dress is really hot because they look like bad girls (Don't take that the wrong way lol) and/or unique. Part of the reason is that I'm just getting tired of prep girls personalities and maybe I want to try something new. Any insight?

I don't know if its just where I'm from but it seems like the whole scene style was more of a high school thing? I go to college now but its small and I haven't seen any scene girls there. Is this what anyone else has noticed or is it just my situation?

Any scene or emo girls, would you ever go out with a prep guy? If not is it just because of the style or is it the stereotype of preps being jerks and stuck-up?

And do you care either way if a guy is in the military?

Guys have you tried your luck with a scene girl and was it successful? Why or why not?

How can I approach a scene girl and make her see past the fact that I am a prep(because I'm not gonna change, that's my style) and not just trying to play her?

Obviously I will have to figure this out on my own but I'm just looking for opinions. Thanks :)


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  • First of all, talking about labels is not going to help. If you don't take labels too seriously I don't see a problem, on you dating a different girl. Be your self; stereotypes don't work.

    • I totally agree stereotypes are bad and mean nothing. I had to use labels though or no one would know who I'm talking about lol

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  • I don't know why your attracted to us scene girls xD there's nothing wrong it it if you just like them their style or personality honestly we are better than an average grimly bitch. Most scene girls want a scene dude so if you a scene dude and you find a question similar to yours but from a girl answer it talk to her I don't know we are well us

  • first find a scene girl , make friends with her , get to know her and ask her out DONE !


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