When was the last time you stepped on a bug on purpose and what kind of bug was it?

Can you answer the questions below with what your answers would be?. That would be awesome since you don't know me and these questions are very very random. It would be a kool thing to do for someone. The request part is in question # 5 which is the last question.

This is the reason I am asking these weird and random questions and the request. It all started last school year. We had a bug invasion at our school and there were thousands of bugs everywhere all over the school. I remember how the girls in my class would react when there was one of those bugs in the classroom. They would freak out and scream and run away from it. Usually some dude would step on it and then they would stop freaking out. I was just curious if a lot of girls react the same way or somewhere else, girls actually don't mind stepping on bugs. The request is to show the girls in my school that there are real girls who step on real bugs.

Another reason for the request is that a lot of people cannot remember when the last time they actually stepped on a bug and have a hard time answering the questions because most people think stepping on a bug is no big deal.

OK here are the questions

1. when was the last time you stepped on a bug on purpose and what kind of bug was it?

2. what kind of shoes did you use to step on it?

3. when you step on a bug, do you:

stomp your foot on it


stomp and twist you foot on it

4.- Have you ever had a bug accidentally get inside your shoe and didn't know it was in there until later that day and took your shoe off and noticed it? If yes please answer these questions)

a. what kind of bug was it

b. what kind of shoe did the bug get into

c.how long did you walk around with the bug inside your shoe

d. what part of your foot was he squished under)

5- LAST QUESTION: this is the request part. Since most girls are afraid to step on bugs in my school, would you be nice enough to do a video demonstration of you stepping on some real bugs to prove to the wimpy girls in my school that girls really do step on bugs?

Thanks for taking time to read my request and I apoligize for the weird questions and for being so nerdy.


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  • never and wow you're really into this question


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What Girls Said 1

  • I like stepping on bugs. I like it if they make a crunching noise like snails. I like to use a high heel to squish a big bug, sort of rocking my heel on it, although sometimes this does not completely kill it and when I lift the heel the bug tries to run but cannot move. When this happens I might stomp on it again to kill it completely, or I might just leave it squirming. Its just a bug. My boyfriend says bug crushing is sexy, so sometimes I'll do it so he can watch.


What Guys Said 2

  • 1. last time I stepped on a bug was an ant

    2. I had my white nike air high tops

    3. I stomped and twisted

    4 A bug has never accidentally went into my shoe

    5. No I would never because I am camera shy

  • I think it was a centipede, yeah?


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