Girls stepping on bugs?

I know this girl that stepped on a bug the last time we were hanging out, and, when I asked her why she stomped it, she said it makes her feel like a badass. I’ve always assumed that girls were scared of bugs, but this girl has got me wondering. Do other girls like stepping on bugs cause it makes them feel powerful? I’m hoping this poll will clear things up. (Asking anonymously cause this question is kinda weird, but I’m curious)
  • I step on bugs because it makes me feel like a badass
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  • I’ll step on a bug if it’s in my house/personal space
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  • I’ll step on a bug in self defense if it bites/stings me
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  • I don’t step on bugs because they’re gross
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  • I think stepping on bugs is wrong
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I personally like bugs and little critters. I think they're cute and they're mostly just minding their business. Stepping on them makes me feel very mean but I will not be afraid to smack them away if they ever assault me.


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What Girls Said 1

  • There is something wrong with people who purposefully go out of their way to kill a bug. It's just not right.


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