Why am I always misreading signs from men?

Why am I misreading signs from men?

It seems I always read the signs wrong. I have no idea when a guy is interested, if like him. For example:

1. I met a guy, he looked at me and then looked down and was awkward. I thought it meant he thought I was attractive. My friend said he didnt, this is not a sign.

2. a guy would aways tell jokes around me but would avoid looking at me when he did. I thought he was trying to make me laugh and he was shy. My friend he didnt, this is not a sign.

3. my sister once told me a guy was always looking at me when I wasn't looking, like he wanted to see where I was. I thought maybe he liked me. Nope. My friend said he didn't like me, this never happened and my sister is either seeing things or just made it up.

4. I tried to talk to a guy once, but he ignored me. He then told me he was shy, and someone asked what I thought of him. I thought this was a sign and maybe he liked me. Nope! My friend told me he isn't shy and doesn't like me. She said he ignored me because he knows I like him and it creeps him out. She also said they asked what I thought of him because it was obvious I liked him.

5. When I look in this guys direction he looks down and kind of walks in a circle, which I thought was odd. A sign? Nope - since he isn't shy according to my friend I must really creep him out.

6. He is always super friendly and offers me beers which I thought was because he didn't want me to leave. Nope not a sign he is just being friendly.

7. I would always see him looking over at me out of the corner of my eye. a sign? Nope. My friend said he isn't interested and I should forget about him.

There are more but these are the big ones.

So if all of these are NOT signs, then WHAT ARE THE SIGNS? Why is it that the men I like never like me?

BTW my friend is a female and is married
Why am I always misreading signs from men?
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