Can I use medicaid to get laser hair removal?

i tried googling it and couldn't find anything do doctors do laser hair removal?
wow everyone on this site is crazy. jesus christ! I have a hormone disorder and have abnormal hair growth on my face, I lost my job and have college loans to pay back I am in debt and was wondering if doctors take care of that, I've already seen my doctor to be tested for polycystic ovary syndrome. you guys are all f***ing nuts and crazy. how does abnormal hair growth on the face correlate with plastic surgery and bikini wax?!?!?


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  • Can I get medicaid to give you a boobjob too? C cups? a liposuction and a tummy bout a facelift? Why stop there...botox treatments...longer eyelash medications...lip fat transplants from your butt to your receding hairline on your forehead? nose job? care for a butt and calve implants? Wow...the simple shallow extremeness that women possess never seems to astound and shock you want the government to pay for your shallowness? Nah what all the other women do...they don't usually golddig on the system...usually they find a man to golddig and leach on. do that. make sure you find a really rich and shallow he can tell you things like you aren't beautiful JUST the way you are...stuff that will support such changes. I gotta say you should start accepting yourself the way you are, if you aren't comfortable with your hair, by a razor, one dollar at dollar tree, or go get waxed at the salon for twenty bucks...they do it for CHEAP at community college cosmotology departments.


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  • no never will they cover that. that is cosmetic and sadly people abuse the medicaid system and this question is a typical example of someone trying to get more sh*t for free

    • well I lost my job and am in debt and the economy is sh*t so I was just wondering no need to be rude

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  • Is your hair causing you medical issues or somehow threatens your life? If not then no.

  • No they don't. You can get a at home laser machine and do it yourself. There are different ones out there but the best one is by prescription only. Its a couple hundred dollars but it is way cheaper then getting it done at a salon. Your doctor can prescribe it for you but you have to have light skin and dark hair for the at home ones to work. Also, during the summer a lot of laser salons have 2 for 1 deals. It is affordable if you pay as you go since it takes 4-6 months to complete the treatments. Its usually $50-$100 per area depending on the size of the area.

  • Hells no, even if you had good medical it probably wouldn't cover it.

  • That counts as plastic surgery and medicaid doesn't pay for plastic surgeries because its not an important thing.


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