Why are girls so attracted to magicians?

Two months ago I went to a party and my friends and I were talking about the lack of women there (it was a virtual sausagefest) and a friend of my friend said if you want to get the chicks you should become a magician. I thought he was joking, but later found out he was a magician himself (nothing major, just doing children's parties and so forth). Anyway, in the two months I've known him I've seen him with 3 different chicks!

After getting to know him better, I mentioned that I'd seen him with these different girls and I felt I knew him well enough to ask subtlely what his secret was. Again he answered that he was a magician. I asked if he was being serious, and he asked me what else would attract them to him as he didn't have a car and still lived at home with his mom. He is fairly good looking I suppose but not especially so. He told me that it is well known in the magician's society that magicians are popular with the ladies.

So my question is why are women so attracted to magicians?


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  • I'm not :P but I do like a guy with a hobby.


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  • Any talent is attractive. And magic is a talent that is hard to master and illusions and blah blah blah


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  • my college english teacher is a magician.. a veritable slight of hand pro


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