Why is my face so ghostly white and the rest of my body is normal color?

my face is SO white! it looks like I belong in the cast of Twilight! why does my face color have to be so different than my body color? I look at other people and their skin is the same color face an body SO JEALOUS

i have used various acne creams over the course of 5 years. (I don't have acne any more. I went on accutane) do you think that couldve had an effect?

idk how can I fix this I hate looking at myself without makeup on and I look like a ghost in pictures!

also, I have VERY bad dark circles so it just sucks...pale skin and dark circles...im so ugly without makeup...ughhh.

what can I do?


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  • the acne creams probably caused it or the bad skin in general. one time I had a rash on my thigh for like1 full year and when I finally got it to go away it was a bit lighter than the rest of my skin but its not noticeable anymore

  • One of the rare side effects of Accutane is a temporary loss of pigmentation in the skin. I'm surprised you didn't look this up before taking it.

    • i resarched about accutane a lot but never came about this..is this really true?

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  • some acne creams contain the same ingredients as bleach, so they may have lightened your skin. As for the dark circles, I'm not really sure what you could do for those, I've heard of various things like frozen tea bags put on the eyes, but I dunno.


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