Do you think leather pants look good on girls?

So I sometimes wear leather pants, not the skinny ones but the normal ones.

I'm quite slender and long, but not scary thin or anything.

I was wondering, do you like girls in leather pants or do you think it's just strange. Cause they're so damn comfortable!


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  • I think they look alright. There are some who think they're out of style, trashy, tacky, slutty, or like a girl wearing them is trying to hard, but I think that if you pull it off well enough it's perfectly fine. Either way, my opinion here isn't really important. Neither is anyone else's opinion here, or anywhere else, and I'll tell you why.

    If you're comfortable in them, and you think they look good on you, then who cares what other people say? Just wear what you want. Be comfortable, wear what you like, be yourself, and don't let other people's opinion of such trivial things define you. Have fun with it.

    Be yourself.


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  • If you like them then wear them. Don't worry about anyone else.

  • I like skinny leather pants but I've actually never seen normal leather pants in stores, do they still sell it? do you have a picture of it?

  • In my opinion leather pants went out of style with 80s rock bands lol. Havn't seen em since.

  • I agree! Out with the 80's. Yuck!


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