Wearing a thong at the beach?

Wearing a thong at the beach? Have you done it? If so in what country? What was the experience like? Would you do it again? If you Haven't would you try it?
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  • Give me a brazillian bottom instead
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  • Give me a normal bikini instead
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  • I don't wear any of that
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Most Helpful Girl

  • No, because it's too sexual. Kids would be walking around the beach with their parents and here comes a girl with a thong on? Guys will think its hot, girls will call you a slut. Besides its too much attention, I don't really like attention from everyone at once


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What Guys Said 6

  • Of course I voted E. I use old jeans cut off to Daisey Dukes and bikini briefs underneath.

    I do not like seeing thong bottoms on women in public. They look too sexually aware, don't really do their intended job and tend to split an "innie", which is fun to see but not in public.

  • I say thongs belong at pools/beaches where kids aren't allowed.

    There are plenty of hotels that have "family pools", and "adults-only pools".

    The latter...thong is ok.

    The former...inappropriate (cauz of the kids).

    What man WOULDNT like a woman in a thong? ;-)

    BUT...in the USA it's inappropriate in front of kids.

    • You sound like the fashion police

    • I personally wouldn't have a problem with it, but I feel the authority of Ameicans would say the above.

  • I like to wear thongs at the beach. I know it's a little different for a guy to wear one, but once you get over the taboo they can be very masculine and flattering.

    I will wear them at any beach where there are not too many kids around.

    • that is cool. I like to check out guys in thongs ! I remember when I first asked my husband to wear a thong. He was so nervous !

  • I just want to share my opinion. THONGS ARE F***ING HOT!

  • Who cares what other people think? Just go for it & have fun!

  • I have worn a thong to several beaches and pools - in the USA - I have never had a negative experience - I plan on going to the beach this weekend and wearing a thong


What Girls Said 5

  • Yes, in summer I wear thongs to the beach. Since I exclusively wear thong panties as underwear because I can't stand other kinds of panties, it's only natural to me to also wear bikinis with thong-bottoms to the beach...

    I wear them on vacation, whatever country it is. But also at home when I go swimming at a lake...

  • I have worn a thong to a few times. It is really reliant on the situation your in. South beach miami you blend right in so I went for it. I have also worn one in vegas at the pool, and in my hot tub at home in the appropriate company.

  • have done it in: Spain, Italy, Mexico, Chile and Cuba. Will continue doing it, with hubby where appropriate. Not in the USA though. Society is quite cynical there.

  • Varadero Cuba

  • No. my butt isn't good enough for that. but if it was, I would wear one

    • Even if your butt is not kim-kardashian, it can still look sexy. Maybe not at the beach, but for your man at night, defo why not

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