Isn't it sexy when I shake my hips? Or stupid?

So, here's the thing. I (think) I can do that thing pretty well where you shake your ass really fast... I did it in a club once with one of my guy friends and he was like "Oh my GOD! you can really dance girl, do that again!" and he was kind of laughing as he said it, but he seemed genuinely shocked and surprised... and then he got another guy (who's gay, but he's also a dance teacher and I sort of know him) to come and watch me do it and he just sort of looked at me with a blank expression and said nothing (he's sort of a bitch)... anyway, last night, me and my boyfriend were drinking and we started dancing and I was dancing up on him and then I started shaking my ass and he started laughing and he said (baby, don't do that!) and I don't know why, I thought he'd like it... and I tried it again and he did the same thing he just laughed and said don't do that! or stop it or something... and I said isn't it nice? and he said very nice but he was still laughing a lot... :S I mean do you think maybe I look stupid or something? but then this morning he said, baby you were dancing so sexy last night... but I was doing other stuff too, like just normal dancing, so he could have been talking about that and not the booty shaking... and I'm sort of worried my friend at the club could have been taking the piss and was just pretending... I mean I shake them not back and forward but more side to side, but really fast like almost vibrating lol... and I normally do stuff with my arms like I lift them in front of me while I do it or I put them out to the side and shake my shoulders too... lol but what if actually I'm making a fool of myself? like 've been dancing for years and I'm good at hip-hop, jazz and some other styles... but booty shaking is a style of it's own, and if you get it wrong, it stinks.
oh yeah also wanna add... at some point my boyfriend said what are you doing? while he was laughing... :/


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  • You better becareful because you may be making an ass out of yourself. lol Guys are crazy and can pretend they like it for laughs...

    • oh god I hope you're wrong

    • No really...I go out to clubs frequently. It's hard to say but um it sounds like that's what's going on.

    • lol what you go to clubs and see loads of girls shaking their booties and guys going oh wow you look so hot, but actually you know they are lying? that's a looot of clubs my friend.

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  • I'm not really into provocative dancing, but lot of guys really like it.

    • me neither... and I'm not that kind of chick. well OK like I'll dance sexy and stuff for my boyfriend but I'm not skanky... lol but the booty shaking thing was kind of something I thought was cool just cos I could do it... I think,

  • will be extremely sexy and appealing if you do it naked.

    • lol how bout a short black dress... or jeans :S

  • Might brake your spine and your ass flies off. Then that's embarrassing.

    • lol no worries I don't get that excited

  • i would think its hot even if your bad at it


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