Laser hair removal?

Did you try it ?

I heard there are some home hair removal device, could you give me some input?



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  • I had my first session of laser hair removal on Friday for the upper lip. it was so fast and didn't hurt at all cause the lady froze the area first. you have to have multiple sessions though to get rid of the hair and depending on the size of the area and the place you go it is decently expensive. but I got a special so I'm getting four sessions for $113, but I will likely need about 6. my sister has an at home laser hair removal kit but though I haven't asked her how its going, I don't believe it works. and if it works at all I doubt it works well or is worth the money. I think you would get better results with a professional.

    one thing you need to take into consideration is how dark your skin is and how dark the hair is. laser hair removal does not work well on light hair or dark skin because of the laser targeting melanin. the darkness of skin and hair depends on the amount of melanin present (the darker it is the more melanin). how the lasers work is they target that and kill off the melanin cells so if you have dark skin you'll get discolored skin and if you have light hair, it would be a complete waste of money.

    • thanks. and I am lucky I have pale skin and dark hair !

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  • Frankly, if you're thinking of getting hair removed permanently, I would suggest going for electrolysis. Expensive? Yeah, a little. Painful? Maybe, sure. But all in all it's got the results you want. Permanent hair removal. Lasers just burn it off and the hair comes back.

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  • Yes, I've had lots of treatments. It works best if you have light skin and dark hair. There are lasers that can treat all hair colors now but I can't comment on their effectiveness. You'll need at least 5 sessions for noticeable hair reduction. In some areas it can be pretty painful (bikini area especially). If you're looking to get a small area done, electrolysis will likely be a better option as it permanently removes hair rather than just making it much thinner and reducing how much there is, which is what lasers do.

    As far as at-home laser hair removal systems, I'm skeptical about their effectiveness. They are different from the lasers used in salons and the technology is relatively new. Maybe in a few years they will be worth the price, but I wouldn't personally pay for one now. Be sure to read product reviews if you are considering getting one.

    • I can understand why females would want to laser...especially something like a's just when they start taking off their pubic mound...just can't deal.../:/:/:

    • To each their own.

  • My sis and mom tried laser hair removal,..worst mistake of their life,..the hair kept on coming back with more intensity so they'd keep consulting with them,...I wouldn't recommend it, should try other alternatives.

    • really? I'll do some more research then, and yeah, to each their own. I am not the kind of person who likes to have a bush down there. I'd rather be clean and soft ! :)

    • lol you should, but in the end it's your own body but stay safe!