Mohawk on a guy. Yes or no?

I don't know if anyone here's familiar with Yelawolf, but he's a rapper with a real badass mohawk-like hairstyle


Kind of the shape of how it should look like


That's how I'd like it. Now, I need you opinion guys and girls, because I have one problem which makes me kinds of stressed.

I have a small head, not the smallest, but for sure not the biggest.

(Just talking about size, not fat or anything) but I'm not a super tall guy so even though it's small, it still doesn't look small compared to the rest of mybody.

My mom said that it would look weird on me. She's not the fan of this style, so this could be a reason, but I want you guys who had a mohawk to give me your opinion, and I want girls to say that they think of this hairstyle.

Basically a lazy mohawk, hahaha.

  • You should do it, heads size is not that big of a deal.
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  • Don't do it, this looks weird and heads size may be a problem.
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  • I loooooooove yelawolf! Not many people can pull off the Mohawk style though. If you already have a sort of "badass" look like yela's then it might work.

    • Finally someone who knows Yeller!

      Yeah I know, that's why I didn't cat it right when I got the idea, but posted here instead.

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    • It's pretty much only about confidence, cause if kids rock Bieber hair than why the f*** should I feel bad for getting this mohawk, haha! :D

      PS. Yela's gonna drop a new mixtape soon! I don't know what it's gonn abe called, it's either "Trunk Muzik Returns" or "Trunk Muzik 60-120"

    • Exactly :D well if the last one was 'Trunk Muzik 0-60' then 60-120 sounds about right. Thanks btw!

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  • well its a good look but some people would look weird in it..., I guess u'll never know if you dnt go for it... dnt think size matters.

  • Hahaha yeah, I like it.

    But then again, I like a lot of weird stuff like that.

    • Hahahahaha!

      What do you think about the head size? Maybe it's not a big deal, but my entire jaw isn't that big, kinda as if it would be growing slower than my body. you know, one of these things that no one can see until I mention it. My jak makes my head look small from the profile, do you think that it would be a problem?

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    • yeah, what's the worst that could happen?

      If its that bad, (which it won't be) just shave the rest off I guess?

    • Well my hair grows really fast anyway, and I'm know for being a dude who likes to rock a beanie or a cap, so that's fine!

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