Why are short women (often) viewed as more feminine?

I've heard a lot of guys say this in real life, and even on questions asked on here, guys who say they like or prefer short women often say part of it is because shorter women are just more feminine.

Why? What makes a girl more feminine just because she's a few inches shorter than average?

Technically, short women ARE more feminine in the sense that they have more estrogen, while tall women tend to have more testosterone, which could potentially lead to traditionally "masculine" traits, like competitiveness and being career oriented. Short women's increased estrogen often means they're more motherly, nurturing, and interested in children and family. But, guys can't really tell all this just looking at a smaller than average female right?

Studies have been done, and shorter than average women are more succesful with men than average and above average height women, so there's obviously something to this, but I just don't understand what makes guys think of smaller women as more feminine than tall or even average height girls.

So, for those of you who do think short women just look or are more feminine, why?

** This is not a question to bash women who aren't short, so there's no need to post that you think short women are ugly, tall women are hotter etc, there are gorgeous women of all heights, but this question is about short girls only**
Why are short women (often) viewed as more feminine?
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