How much dark root is acceptable for an interview?

i have highlights all over my head and they are blond. my natural hair is a very pale warm brown. next to brunettes it doesn't look blond but it looks very light compared to a typical brunette.

anyway with highlights the roots are not as drastic as full dye. I just got them done but in about a month or so I may be interviewing for summer jobs,

how much root is acceptable for an interview? I only get them done every few months. if there is just a little bit showing is that okay? I just got them done a week ago.

that is an example my hair is like that but my roots are lighter than hers because my natural hair is not that dark of a brown. see how it is blended because it's highlights not full color.


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  • No roots are acceptable. If you're going to dye your hair, for the love of Allah, keep it up. Employers may have a slightly different outlook on hairstyles but it's still a fashion faux-pas.

    • yeah but highlights are different. they intentionally are darker on the top of the head than the bottom, so the roots don't stand out very fast until they have grown a lot. also highlights don't start at the top of the head.

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  • when you say roots are you saying your hair is dyed and the very bottom of the hair where it's grown since isn't dyed?

    I actually really like that when its liek that :/


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  • You'll be fine