Do guys only befriend girls they think are cute?

it always seems like guys are always friends with girls they are slightly attracted to.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I'd say that guys spend effort becoming friends with girls they are attracted to.

    However that doesn't mean they won't become friends with girls they aren't. (Although since familiarity can lead to attraction, this can also somewhat skew the results.)

    For instance, a person could become friends with someone they work with and not be attracted to them. The friendship grows out of working together.

    Also, a guy can be friends with a girl who is dating or dated one of his friends. (Or is a friend of one of his friends...)

    Or the girl could initiate the friendship, and the guy goes along with it. (Cause who doesn't like friends?)

    So, generally speaking, if the guy is trying to become friends, then he's attracted.

    But a guy who is letting a friendship develop may not.

    If that makes any sense... :/

    • Well, what I'm asking is would a higschool boy usually try to initiate a friendship with someone he found attractive

    • That's actually a completely different question. :/

      Usually no, since doing so risks being put into the dreaded 'friends zone'. Some guys will initiate friendship with a girl they are attracted to but not interested in (long term.)

      Shier guys will try to befriend girls like this cause they think that they can move it to a romantic level once the girl gets to know them. (Which usually fails...but we try anyways.)

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What Guys Said 7

  • Generally speaking, in high school, yes. As you get older and enter into college, your relationships and friendships mature, often including girls that you find interesting, but not necessarily cute. There's a lot more girls to choose from on a large college campus, plus there aren't any cliques. It is easier to make friends with a girl without having the feeling that you are ruining your chances for dating other girls. At 16, your age, most of the boys will make friends with a girl if he thinks she's cute, or if they share a common interest. It is a very difficult age for boys socially in general, I remember those years.

  • Well yes mostly. Its kinda hard to explain though, like I usually talked to the athletics girls because that's how I was myself. Just so happened most of them were somewhat attractive yes.

    Ive also noticed that usually less atractive girls just hung out with people that I really would never get along with to save my life. Sometimes your looks really do sculpt your personality.

  • A driving force for a guy to become friends with a girl usually (in my opinion) is some attraction, but that doesn't always have to be the case. I've had friends I wasn't attracted to at all.

  • Well cute is an objective term but I think many guys do do so more often then not. I think it also goes the other way too though, do you try to befriend guys that you find cute? The word attractive I think is the important one. I think there is has to be a level of attraction, this doesn't necessarily mean physical but most of the time people will be shallow. I normally try to give everyone a chance but would fall into the shy category which would mean I do not make friends with no effort which would yield the fact that I try to befriend people I am attracted to...most of the time.

  • I've had girl friends who I was and wasn't attracted too. I can make friends with almost anyone if they share common interests and have a good sense of humor.

  • most guys are attracted to the cute ones, got something to do with the chemicals in our minds, but I don't think all guys do, some will go for the ones that aren't really that attractive

  • yea I do

    i clicked yes but I meant most of the time


What Girls Said 2

  • Some guys do that, yeah. But not all of the time. If they did then I wouldn't have any guys for friends.

  • I voted D-i def think most of the time guys would only bother befriending a girl if he thought she was cute.