Girl offered to do my homework? I said no but she still did it, why did she do that?

A girl who'm I barely talk to offered to let me copy a paper but I declined because I don't like copying and teacher passes out different sheets to prevent copying. While I wasn't looking the girl took my paper and actually took the time to look in her notes for answers and wrote them down. I noticed later but didn't say anything because I was surprised. After she was done she gave it back and I thanked her and she was just like no problem. Why would a girl do this?

Did she feel sorry for me? Was she just looking to get good karma or something? Might she have a crush on me? I don't understand why anyone would just grab someone else's homework and do it.
I've only talked to her for a bit since then because I've been sick and feel crummy enough to feel non-talkative, she's just quite too and I see her just texting.


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  • I think she might like you, and is trying to get your attention, in a good way. She might not be comfortable with flirting so she does things she considers nice.

    It does sound like a weird thing to do but it probably comes from a nice spot.

    I doubt she feels sorry for you, It might be a karma thing but I think she likes you


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  • How did she manage to do all of that without you noticing? You can't be as oblivious as you're making yourself out to be.

    • Sorry, poor sentence structure. What I meant was that I didn't notice her take my paper until after I noticed my paper was missing but because I was a bit surprised I didn't say anything until she returned my paper.

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    • "I didn't notice till a few minutes later because I had finally noticed it was gone and then I noticed she was working on my homework. I didn't say anything and just kept on doing what I was doing before."

      You knew she had it and you let her finish it? So you essentially "watched" her finish your homework?

    • If you say so. I mean hey, if she wants to do my homework, then whatever, it's not like it happens all the time.

  • She likes you.

  • hmm maybe she likes you.


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  • You posted this question some time ago.

    She's just doing you a favor. Be grateful.


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