Found some makeup in my boyfriends bathroom that wasn't mine?

So today I went into my boyfriends bathroom and while I was at TW sink I noticed some pink eyeliner or lip liner that was like broken but I could still tell what it was...I usually stay at his house every night but last night he said he was crashing at his friends house because they drank. I asked him if any other girl was at his house or if he know whose it was he said no and kept saying he didn't know. Should I be upset or worried? There's no other traces of another girl being here.


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  • If it was stashed away in a drawer then it is probably someone else's that was forgotten about long ago. I had a girl confront me about hair tyes she found in my bathroom drawer that belonged to my sister when she visited me that I had forgotten about.

    Otherwise there might be reason for suspicion.

    • No it was just sitting on the counter

    • If this is really bothering you, you might as well show him what you found and get him to explain himself. Otherwise this will eat at you for a long time and your trust in him will diminish.

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  • there is traces,the lipstick,next time he says he is going to spend the night away,show up at his place unqannounced,i think he cheated,speaking from experience