Everyone hates my haircut, how can I stop feeling bad?

Hard to come up with a title for this situation that doesn't make me sound like a whiny woman, but there it is lol.

I have had long hair for years, about 5 years. Natural, straight, thick and shiny. I've always been proud of it and it's what people compliment me for the most. Because it's so thick, it's heavy and difficult to care for, especially in the summer. So I decided to cut it off, it was about the middle of my back, little longer. I got it cut 2 weeks ago and it's now about at my shoulders. Basically a short layered bob style, no bangs. Anyway, I was feeling great, loving it and my head felt so light and it's so much easier now. The problem is, EVERYONE I know hates it, and is vocal about missing my long hair. My boyfriend's reaction was "What did you do to your hair?!" And now, every time he looks at me, just about, he says "oh, I miss your hair." My friends and family have basically acted the same way. I'm still happy with it, so I'm trying not to let their discouragements get to me,but they just won't stop. I've asked them to stop, told them to shut up, ignored it, they just keep saying things like "I can't wait til it grows back" "How long will it take to grow back?" "I can't believe you did this." I'm getting tired of it. Any tips on how to get them to shut up about it? I'm starting to feel bad. They don't say the cut is badnor looks bad, they just want my long hair back I guess.


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  • If you like your new haircut, that's what matters. Other people's opinion does not.

    Here's what you do: You stop giving a fuck.

    Seriously, just stop giving a fuck about what they have to say, and stop giving a fuck right now. Their opinion doesn't matter. If they harp on it, tell them, "Well, fuck you guys. I like what I did. I think it looks good. I don't give a fuck about whether you like it, or not, because I didn't do this for YOU, I did this for ME. Learn to live with it.".

    If they ask how long it would take to get it back to that length, tell them it will take years, and that's even IF you decide to grow it back out. But tell them that their fucking whining about it is NOT going to affect your decision, and would take years to get it back to that length even if you did, so they might as well learn to shut the fuck up and live with it. What's done is done.

    This is not their decision. It's yours. Put your foot down, and stand your ground. Tell them it's your choice, not theirs. YOURS! Remind them of that. Be strong and forceful. If need be, dole out consequences for those who won't listen. Stop talking to certain people. If they bring it up, walk away. If it's on the phone, hang up. If it's a text, ignore it, or change the subject. If it's on an IM, temporarily block them.

    Again, one last time. This is your choice. Their opinion of it is not important. It doesn't enter into it, and it changes nothing. Remind them.


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  • Actually... I agree with them, it was a terrible decision to do

    Yes - taking care of long hair is not easy but beauty requires sacrifice... I feel really bad about your boyfriend, reading things like this question makes me scared!

    • Are you being sarcastic?

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    • Can I ask, why do you feel bad for my boyfriend? Why does this question scare you?

    • Because I wouldn't want to be in his place...when a girl destroys her amazing, long hair.. it HURTS her overall attractiveness really bad... if you so don't like excess hair - get rid of those in armpits and bikini area.. but those on the head must be long, shiny and beautiful!

      And it scares me because I don't want situation like that happening to me, it would be extremely disappointing

  • You should just change your style.


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  • Tell them you love it the way it is. That it feels lighter, it's easier to manage, and overall just a really nice change. You can tell them you understand they prefer it longer, but you like it the way it is now, and their comments are bringing you down. I'm sure most of them don't mean to make you feel bad, so if you tell them that's what they're doing I think they'll shut up about it. It's probably just such a different look on you, and they're not used to it.

    If you let them know you're very happy with the cut and want them to be supportive about it, they'll probably stop bugging you. It looks like you'll have to be firm though. If they still don't stop, don't respond to them and with some time they'll get over it.

    I have really long hair too, and anytime I've cut it people object to it. Don't let that get to you. What matters is that you feel great about it and love the look.

  • Well the only person you got the haircut for was you. So it doesn't matter what anyone thinks about it. But if they won't get off your back then just be straight up. Tell them you couldn't deal with it and you like it way more now. Tell them it doesn't matter because in the end, its your hair and they need to back off a bit. Give it a little more time. You haven't changed your style for a long time and they're only just getting used to it. They can't continue with those comments forever. Soon enough they will come to like it too. And bobs are awesome. I always thought they looked good.

  • By not giving a f***.

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