I feel like I have nothing to offer women. What should I do?

Bad Things

/I'm not funny, I can't tell stories and I don't know or have much to say. I'm not witty. My mind is blank usually. (Probably because of the depression, which is thankfully gone).

/I'm extremely shy and not confidant when it comes to interacting with people. I feel in danger and feel

aggressive around people who approach me. To fix this, I smile and have a submissive posture - because If I didn't I would look really aggressive with the way I look at people and walk around.

/I don't have a career, but I have a job. But no education because of depression which I'm now free of after 2 years of self-therapy.

/I have a voice disorder because of depression. I lost so much energy that I couldn't even speak out strongly anymore. (This is only temporary and can be cured by getting around normal energetic people).

/I can't talk to anyone, not even my parents with much life. I'm afraid to talk to strangers because of the way I sound; I just look at them blankly and go do something else.

/I don't have any friends. I only have acquaintances who I've known in the past kept on Facebook.

/I appear anti-social/cool. Upon closer inspection I appear as an introvert.

Good Things

I have an excellent sense of style.

I'm in touch with my masculine sexuality.

I'm extremely good looking and there are beautiful women always interested in me.

I am ambitious in terms of a career.

I'm extremely physically fit.

I'm an extrovert.

I'm a very flexible thinker, I'm a good person, excellent morals, I have standards.

I have ambition to grow as a human.

Some of these things will not be seen by just seeing me and some will.


Most Helpful Girl

  • It sound like you have things to offer. Don't test out your negative thinking patterns by seeing if other people will validate them for you. That will set you backwards in overcoming the depression. Good luck!@


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What Girls Said 4

  • It's good that you made a list of your good and bad things. But just stop focusing on your bad things and stop thinking you've got nothing to offer.. everyone is unique and has something to offer. You always get beautiful women as you said it yourself, one day another one of those girls will be with you for who you are.

  • i think your good things are worth it. don't be self concious!

  • you do have things to offer stop being so selfconcius

  • You have stuff to offer


What Guys Said 2

  • I don't see how you can say you have nothing to offer when you just made a list of good things about you. Hold your head high and continue on the road of self improvement and things will fall into place

  • lol, sounds like me.

    Anyway, all the bad stuff can be changed. Focus on the good stuff you posted...those are things you can offer women BTW

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