I feel like I have nothing to offer women. What should I do?

Bad Things

/I'm not funny, I can't tell stories and I don't know or have much to say. I'm not witty. My mind is blank usually. (Probably because of the depression, which is thankfully gone).

/I'm extremely shy and not confidant when it comes to interacting with people. I feel in danger and feel

aggressive around people who approach me. To fix this, I smile and have a submissive posture - because If I didn't I would look really aggressive with the way I look at people and walk around.

/I don't have a career, but I have a job. But no education because of depression which I'm now free of after 2 years of self-therapy.

/I have a voice disorder because of depression. I lost so much energy that I couldn't even speak out strongly anymore. (This is only temporary and can be cured by getting around normal energetic people).

/I can't talk to anyone, not even my parents with much life. I'm afraid to talk to strangers because of the way I sound; I just look at them blankly and go do something else.

/I don't have any friends. I only have acquaintances who I've known in the past kept on Facebook.

/I appear anti-social/cool. Upon closer inspection I appear as an introvert.

Good Things

I have an excellent sense of style.

I'm in touch with my masculine sexuality.

I'm extremely good looking and there are beautiful women always interested in me.

I am ambitious in terms of a career.

I'm extremely physically fit.

I'm an extrovert.

I'm a very flexible thinker, I'm a good person, excellent morals, I have standards.

I have ambition to grow as a human.

Some of these things will not be seen by just seeing me and some will.

I feel like I have nothing to offer women. What should I do?
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