I can't look him in the eyes...

Its a odd situation. A long story. But to basically sum it up. I was in a long term relationship that was the pits for five years. (which was also my first)

I'm with a guy now for a year. (My second relationship) I actually dumped this guy to go out with my first, back in the day.

Compared to my first relationship. Its the most perfect thing ever. But I can never look him straight in the eye for any amount of time. I look at him like I would anyone else if I was talking of course. But not in the eye. Not when we talk, not when we have sex. I just can't.

My last boyfriend was a piece of crap and I always looked him in the eye.

I'm not sure what to do to make it more easy for me to do it.

It almost feels like I'm too shy to look at him. I've known him for over ten years!

How should I go about this without looking like a goof ball? Even more so during sex. Because it great but I don't feel like we've truly connected on that level yet and I feel its because of this.


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  • Do you feel like you don't deserve him? Do you feel inferior to him? If you've known him for so long and feel comfortable talking to him, then let him know that you can't seem to look at him in his eyes without feeling embarassed. I'm sure that with a little bit of honesty and humor, you guys will work it out and it might just become an inside joke between the two of you. Or are you still lingering on your ex? I think that almost all girls have that previous guy who was a jerk, and another guy who's great to her. In the beginning, we'd want that jerk back, but in the end, we'll always pick the one who loves us more.