Receding hairline receding sex appeal?

I'm starting to receed and wondered if it puts girls off and what the best thing to do about it is.

I don't have an island yet but I'm not far off. Currently my hairs about an inch long shorter at the back and sides. But I'm thinking about getting a crew cut.

I'm not a model but I'm fairly handsome keep myself fit I dress well and I'm confident with girls. my worry is if I keep it an inch long ill look older than I am or look like I'm trying to make it look like its not reeceding and not only that but have a haircut that looks awful. So I'd rather just buzz it not bald but short. Would this put girls off?

What do girls think


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  • Young girls, and the unusually shallow girls, will turn away from you when your hairline recedes; I'm in a simlalr situation myself.

    But girls our age, and any worthwhile girl, won't count this against us. They'll take it as proof we have good healthy male hormones, since this is almost always hormonally related pattern baldness.

    There are products that will slow or stop the hair loss, but I'm not willing to risk the side effects they often have. And surgery, of course, is an option, but it's expensive and only lasts a certain time, so you'd have to do this repeatedly.

    I decided to let nature take its course!


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  • an inch isn't very long as it is, so I don't think you need to go shorter. It probably looks fine as is. You can buzz it very short when you start to get a distinct bald patch.

  • losing hair, receding hairlines, bald, buzz cuts, all that is unattractive to me. no deal breaker, but not attractive.


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  • i think some girls definitely find balding or baldness unappealing but plenty do.. I think (as a fellow balding dude) either cutting it short or off is your best bet.