So is having curves or good or bad thing?

I would have never considered myself curvy. I don't think , fat, just average, size 4-6.

Well the other day I heard the guy who asked me out talking about me to his friends. He said "Ya, we don't have much common, but she has well... curves"

So I cancelled that date, but I was wondering if that was a compliment or an insult?


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  • People define "curvy" quite differently.

    Some people use it as a nicer word for overweight. Many times there is little "curves" but just much of everything.

    Others use it to describe the classical hour glass figure with a large chest, small waist and a large booty compared to the waist size. That is where the word "curves" comes from. When your body makes and S shape and the male equivalent would then be the V shape. If we are talking in classical terms.

    So if this is a compliment or not depends on how you or the person saying it defines the term and whether or not you like that definition.

    • I don't know how he said it, I just overheard it. I don't think I'm fat but I don't think I have curves is that sense either .The only thing that may count are big boobs, but waist to hip ratio is pretty average

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  • Its because you go out with those feminine pussified white boys. Black dudes like curvy/thick women because we can handle them. We don't need no small petite skinny female to feel like a man. We have no problem handling a 'bigger' woman.

  • Curves = feminine


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