Is it normal for bleached hair to look ugly when it's wet?

i just had my hair bleached. when it's dry it is a nice pale blonde. there are some warm/yellow tones in it in some spots because I had highlights so my hair is not one uniform color, but it all blends and looks good and blonde.

but, when it's wet some of the blonde looks orangey/yellow under flourescent light. when it's dry it's fine, but wet it's ugly.

is this normal? as I recall, my old highlights that were pale blonde also looked ugly when it was wet, but when my entire head is bleached the look is more extreme.


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  • Yeah it's normal. I once colored my hair a different brown color and then when it was wet it would look orange-ey/warm toned at the top but fine at the bottom. However when my hair dried it was not visible at all and everything looked even. You can use products for this if it bothers you. In my case coloring my hair again made it go away but I know you can buy toners especially for blonde hair. Your problem is very common among blondes and there seems to be many products out there solely to help with the undertones.


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  • Wet bleached hair always looks funny when wet. I lighten my hair to a golden blonde shade, but when it's wet, it looks like a brassy brown shade. When dry, it's light like it should be. It's very normal for light hair to look weird when wet.

  • It's very normal, but if it bothers you you can get a toner to get rid of the brassiness. If your main issue is yellowy tones, then go for a purpley toner, and if it's more orange/red, then a blue toner (sounds more like you'd go the purple route). You can get a stylist to do it, or buy a purple toner at any Sally Beaty Supply or the like and mix it with developer- google can guide you through it; it's pretty easy. If you don't want drastic results just don't leave it on for that long (you can always re-do it but can't un-do it). Good luck!

    • will toner be even?

    • Yes, toner just does an all-over effect. Basically, you mix the toner with developer (there will be instructions, like one part toner to two parts developer, or whatever) and just apply all over. So if you have any spots where it's a LOT more yellowy, maybe put the toner mix on there first for a few minutes. I can't see your hair but maybe just do 5 minutes on the extra brassy parts and then another 5 minutes all over and rinse... It's not nearly as drastic as bleaching your hair.

  • Yes, I've noticed that.

    Actually I have a friend that gels her bleached hair (when she gels it, it looks wet).

    It looks stringy and like a wet dog.

    When its not gelled it looks nice.

    I think its normal.


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