Clothes and style stuff. Does it matter to you what a guy wears? Can you link to something you'd like to see him wearing?

That's all. Makes a list of stuff you like, if you want. Thank you.


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  • i honestly am not picky at all. these r my only 2 'requirements':

    1. that he ain't wearing the same damn thing every second time i c him.
    2. that he clean, presentable cool and classy.

    im not a hard woman to please when it comes to mens fashion! altho those 2 simple guidelines seem very difficult for men to follow these days lol:P


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  • It doesn't really matter, but certain clothing styles attract me more than others. If he's preppy or metro-sexual it really repels me. If he's a punk, skater, geek or grunge that's really attractive to me...

    Terrible choices:

    Great choices:

  • Well every girl is different, but for me

    Turn on's:
    -t shirts
    -black shirts
    -polo shirts (weakness)
    -glasses (prescription, only if you need them)
    -button down shirts
    -waist coats

    Turn off's
    -anything with swag, yolo, anything like that just no
    -scarfs (brad pitt couldn't even pull one off in world war z)
    -parka coats
    -over the top

  • My guy usually wears jeans and a button down shirt like this one: I like it.

    It doesn't really matter as long as it's clean, presentable, and fits well.

  • a buttoned shirt especially white beige or black on a moderately fit jeans thats not too lose or too tight cause a man doesn't need to show how his legs exactly look like with a good leather belt , n nice clean shoes , that has to always work

  • Yes and don't underestimate the importance of fit.

    Fitted tshirts, jeans/shorts and vans (or the like). Add a beanie, sweater, coat, etc in winter.

  • I hate seeing a guy in the same shoes over and over...I don't know why lol

    • Well that sucks cuz I'm not buying more.

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    • Good! There is about as much chance of me owning more shoes as there is of me getting a Devo hat.

    • why are you getting defensive when you asked the question about what girls like to see guys wear...

  • Doesn't really matter to me, he can wear anything he's comfortable with :)

  • haha! Honestly i like it when guys wear beanies, and nice shirts with the buttons.
    But what i see now are guys all wearing those tan/brown skinny jeans which are common like seriously haha and also those drop tail tops just so they can have their pants down low so the drop tail covers their undies :D it's funny but hey.
    Look don't really like choosing what people should wear because i feel that they should just wear whatever they feel comfortable in, it shows what their interests are and tells a lot about a person just by what they wear. just saying^^


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