why do some girls shoeplay/ slip feet in and out of shoes, not all girls do this.?

Tennis shoes sandals with back straps and fklats are most often used
I can provide more detail if needed
When wearing the tennis shoes they will put the toe of one shoes against the heel of the other shoes and press or will drag along the floor to get the foot out. And some will tie really loose so the heels pop out. why do this with any shoes, slingba
slings with the straps on the heels, just leave on the heels of your feet
What is the purpose of it.
Just leave the shoes on


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  • It's just another way to fidget, for me. I get bored, or maybe part of my foot's itchy.

    • Again not a reason to do it, girls shouldn't do it

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    • Because feet do belong in the shoes. And I know some girls don't do it. But that's the problem that it is done in public where shoes should stay on. Just don't slip feet in and out of shoes.

    • I don't consider public a formal setting, necessarily, but I think we'll have to agree to disagree on the shoe problem. Sorry it bothers you so much, though.

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  • It's just something we do out of boredom, really. Just like when a girl looks at the tips of her hair or looks at her nails.

    • not really a reason

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    • True there are things that shoudnt be done, and shoeplay is one of those, just keep them on

    • You can't control people. Seriously, get over it.

  • That sounds like a nervous habit or maybe they are just bored.

  • I like doing it I don't know why :D

    • stop doing it

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    • You can't always find actual reasons to why you like doing some things. The problem is; why does it bug you so much? anyway.. Lol don't question it too much.

    • that's true but it still bothers me. You think there would be a reason behind this. Just keep the shoes on the feet

  • to air out


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