Costume for slutty secretary?

i have a 21st coming up and the theme is CEO's and OFFICE HOES party.

its in two weeks.. slutty secretary style eg.. shirts, ties, suits etc..

I'm a curvy girl and I don't really like my tummy. I wanna look sexy and impress this guy..


i wore a mans shirt unbuttoned to show my bra, fish net tights, shiny black high heels, glasses, a tie and a pen in my pocket ;)


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  • Glasses... hair in pony tail. You'll knock most guys dead. Have fun.


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  • Why somebody would intentionally try to look or act like a slut or a hoe is beyond me. Slut and hoe are not things I associate with attractiveness. Sure, dressing or acting like a slut might temporarily catch the eye of most guys, and keep the eye of some of the baser guys, but is that really how you want to represent yourself? Even at a slut themed party?

    • It's all in good fun and maybe slut is not the right term . I've been a too a few halloween parties and there's always women in playboy bunnie outfits and whatnot. I guess this party is something along the lines.

    • I am not up for those kind of Halloween digs either. There are so many fun and creative things to do for Halloween that the costumed prostitute look seems like an unimaginative cop-out. All in good fun or no, I still think it is in bad taste.

    • Oh just shut up. She wanted some advice not some judgement from you. Obviously your jealous cos you don't have a hot girlfriend that likes to dress up.

  • Real classy =/

    • Well considering the theme was office HOES I fit right in with the other 40+ girls there dressed the same. I don't dress like that everyday none of those girls do that's why its a fun idea for a party. lighten up a bit!! seriously you sound like a grumpy old man who has no life and has no fun. if you don't agree with people dressing like this for a party why would you comment this question.. I was asking for advice not an opinion!

    • Well, if looking like a hoe is your idea of fun, perhaps you need a little help with your creativity. Sounds like you did a bang up job of looking slutty.

    • Looking like a hoe isn't my idea of fun.. a party where all my friends are dressed up together is my idea of fun! and thanks hopefully I did look slutty that was the intention!

  • Glasses, glasses, glasses!

    This is probably just a personal thing, but I think glasses look SO good! Especially when coupled with the whole "secretary" look.


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  • go commando?

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