How to Find that Stranger That you Locked Eyes with but were too Shy, Afraid or Short on Time to Approach


The big problem with traditional dating websites, which means virtually all dating websites in existence, is that you simply do not know who you will be meeting.

Searching for a relationship via these websites is akin to purchasing an item of clothing via the internet that you have never seen, tried on or felt in real life. It might look good in the photos and have the styling and measurements that you’re after but then once you receive it and try it on you notice that it is too loose in some areas, too tight in others and really isn’t what you were hoping for.

missed connections
missed connections

Now imagine this scenario. You walk into a clothing store and see a piece of clothing that catches your eye. You try it on and it sits perfectly on you. The color is right, the fit is right and it is exactly what you have been looking for. Because you are in a rush you forget to take note of the designer or the model number. You return the following week in an attempt to find that piece again but after explaining it to the salesperson they do not know which piece you were referring to. You frantically but unsuccessfully try to find that piece again and then are forced to eventually give up. You are left with a feeling of regret and can’t help but think ‘what if I had just purchased it when I had the opportunity?’

Let’s now apply this to a different scenario. You are in a lift with a gorgeous stranger that catches your eye. You engage in some casual conversation and find that you are attracted to more than their physical appearance. They are friendly, warm and you feel a real connection with them. But then the lift doors open and they depart before you have the opportunity of asking for their name or their number. You are left with a feeling of regret and can’t help but think ‘what if I had just asked them to coffee when I had the opportunity?’

You might be wondering what these scenarios have to do with dating websites. Well, every single minute of every single hour of every single day, in all corners of the globe, people are passing by each other like molecules. Every once in a while two of these people will lock eyes or exchange a flirty smile. This will happen everywhere; on trains, in traffic, in shopping centres… everywhere. But unless their lives are somehow wonderfully aligned these two people will travel on with their lives, never knowing but always wondering who that other person was, or what could have eventuated if they had had the courage to approach them.

You can’t help but think, What if I had just asked them to coffee when I had the opportunity?

If you are familiar with Craigslist ‘Missed Connections’, then you will already know of the wildly popular ‘how do I find them again?’ concept. What makes iTiggy a world first is that it is structured, utilizes a highly detailed search feature and incorporates a complete internal messaging system. Users are completely anonymous and there is no exchanging of names, e-mail addresses or any other identifying information unless and until both users agree to do so. Further bolstering its safety, iTiggy has an internal photo swapping system whereby both users must exchange their photo with the other to verify that they have in fact found the right person.

iTiggy is a world first as it turns the concept of traditional dating sites upside down. Whereas dating sites enable people to meet online and then hopefully offline, iTiggy enables people who have already encountered each other offline to then meet online. There is something about the feeling of ‘love at first sight’, the feeling of that ‘spark’, that simply can’t be captured via traditional dating sites, no matter how compatible the other person might seem on paper. In short, iTiggy connects strangers who have already ‘connected’.

iTiggy also encourages encounters where they would not have otherwise existed. Armed with the knowledge that people can once again find that person that they were too shy, afraid or short on time to approach, people would be more inclined to pay particular attention to that other person because they know that that fleeting moment can become more than just a fleeting moment.

So if you have found nothing but disappointment with traditional dating websites, why not take a better approach and find that person that you have already felt a connection with?

How to Find that Stranger That you Locked Eyes with but were too Shy, Afraid or Short on Time to Approach
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  • Lights
    I was wondering the meaning behind the name; I figured it was just something random but who knew it was a site - interesting way to use GaG to promote it. Great article and Good luck with the site I'm sure it'll be very popular as well.
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  • aikido
    Very good article, does sound like most dating sites. The other way of looking at it is like a blind fold, you never know what you are going to see or get when you take the blind fold off.
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  • cupidarrow
    Excellent article and excellent website. Congratulations Daniel, a site such as this is long overdue and, I suspect, going to be very popular.
  • starlight124
    Great article :)