5 Tips To Get Shy Chicks


Corny title aside...

Here's how to tell if a shy girl is interested in or likes you:

At one point or another, you’ve probably either been the shy girl or have been interested in one. Otherwise, why are you here? Go do something productive you geezer! Just kidding....It’s okay, we won’t tell anyone that you’ve got the hots for that cutie....this is between you and us, and your Internet browser history (though I’m sure worse things are on there).

Well, getting to the point, despite all the common misconceptions and confusions about shy girls, we’re all really quite simple... that is, if you know reverse psychology.

Here are some useful tips on how a shy girl will act if she’s interested in you. Keep in mind some of these will apply to the girl in question, as each girl is different in her approach to crushes depending on the setting and level of intensity of her interest in you.

how to tell if a shy girl is interested
how to tell if a shy girl is interested

1. Ignoring you

The most common and misread behavior a shy girl will exhibit when she likes you is that she will ignore you. Don’t be fooled by her stoic appearance... she knows where you are at all times and she’s keeping her eye on you (you just can’t catch her). A shy girl is often afraid you will read her feelings if she looks at you, even in passing, so she’ll often be too afraid to show herself. If you want to figure out if she’s ignoring you because she’s shy or uninterested: Hide (partially kidding here). But when she’s not looking (won’t be hard because usually when you ARE looking is when she won’t be) move from where you are and watch. Does she look to where you just were, all casual yet curious? If she looks to where you were and then scans the room, she may be looking for someone.... (Move on to the other tips, hot stuff).

A shy girl is often afraid you will read her feelings if she looks at you, even in passing, so she’ll often be too afraid to show herself.

2. Lingering Presence

If you are thinking, what a coincidence... that cute girl is here again today, wow I see her around often... (STOP. Does she HAVE to be there for work, school, etc? If not, then listen up). A girl (not just shy ones) that is interested in you will want to be around you, even if she’s not next you physically. If you see her around often and she could be elsewhere, then maybe she’s there because of you. In combination with the other signs, this is a big one that shows a girl’s interest. Bottom line: if she’s in your line of view, often, then there may be more there. She won’t look at you, she’ll do her thing but somehow her thing happens to be nearby where your thing is because it’s destiny that you two are in the same places all the time.

Tips on shy girls: Lingering presence
Tips on shy girls: Lingering presence

3. Friends Are For Communicating

If she is with her friends, then for one, she’ll smile more and have more courage/confidence.... but sadly it won’t be enough to approach you. She may come closer to you than she would on her own, but she’ll still pretend like you aren’t there. She may even become louder or sillier in their presence and you may see her giggle/laugh a LOT. It could be that her friends are suuuper funny, but more likely it is that she’s nervous, trying to get someone’s (your) attention. Watch her friends, do they look at you when your cutie is doing something/walking away? A common thing shy girls will do is locate you, tell their friends, and then pretend they’re doing something else/go away so that it doesn’t seem obvious to you when their friends “casually” glance at you. Tricky thing is, as subtle as she tries to be, a part of her is excited and would like to get caught communicating this interest in you (though she’s terrified). Her friends may also be watching you when she’s around to see how you react to the shy cutie (this would be the time to STARE STARE STARE, as everything you do will get back to the cutie).

4. Discomfort is a good thing

Is she on edge (assuming she usually is calm)? When she walks by you, look at her, chances are she’ll fix her hair, touch her nose, fix some clothing, touch her phone etc. Anything that shows like she’s trying to impress or is nervous is a good sign. When she walks by you she’s hoping you’ll look at her as she walks off, so she subconsciously will fix something or play with something to seem casual/calm. You’d have to subtly watch for these things, but they’re there!

If she’s not looking away, keep talking, she’ll like whatever you say!

5 Tips To Get Shy Chicks

5. Read my body language

You are in conversation with her (round of applause for managing to make that happen!), and she is looking at you in the eye as you talk, rarely breaking eye contact. If she’s not looking away, keep talking, she’ll like whatever you say, even if you change the subject with “so I like mushrooms”. Don’t expect her to be a great conversationalist on the first or second or third try... it may take time. She’ll probably be so nervous and awkward, that you’ll feel like you are blabbering on...keep going, we need that. She may be looking down/away, or fidgeting...don’t panic.... She could be very nervous, yet interested. The difference between discomfort associated with disinterest is that she would be looking away and pointed towards the nearest exist... if she’s standing and staring at you, looks away yet doesn’t move, she may be interested!

Bonus Tip: Shy girl’s just NOT that into you if she’s: crossing her arms, rolling her eyes, giving you a dirty look, far too comfortable in your presence (near you), making out with your buddy, orrrr uttering something along the lines of “I hate you”.

Bottom line is, shy girls are likely to apply reverse psychology with a touch of nervousness in there. We can appear calm on the surface but if you watch, you can tell. We may not want to tell you, but we want you to like us, and thus you should know how we feel. But the best way to get interest from her is to ACT INTERESTED yourself. Once we are comfortable and feel like we have a chance, we open up and we show more interest naturally. Don’t make us guess.... just go for it. It won’t be so bad, promise!

5 Tips To Get Shy Chicks
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Most Helpful Girl

  • lovely_girl
    this is so very true!1 ahhhhhhhhhhhh! you hit everything right on the nose,this is exactly what I'm doing now,and when I'm with my friends at his basketball game or the jv basketball game which he goes to I'm super load and cheering constantly make hialrious jokes about the visiting players,so great,you must have been a shy chick too! oh.my.goodness. I'm totally bowing to you literally right now haha
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Moose2coolvargas
    What about not looking at you, sitting away from you (open seats all around, but will pull up another chair have people move over to avoid sitting near you) won't speak but will to everyone else. Fidgets with bracket on her hands though the whole time
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    • upood

      She may like you. I avoid getting too close to my crush physically cause of nerves. I fidget too when I'm nervous, or I touch my face or adjust something on my body cause my nervous system is in overdrive and I need somewhere to direct energy. Smile at her and say hi, she'll probably die inside.

    • I do that and she says hey all soft and won't really look at me, makes me feel like I shouldn't be talking lol I don't know it's hard to explain... we had a team meeting yesterday and we always happen to sit across from each other, and keep catching the eyes, but most of the time she looking at the floor all shy

    • upood

      Smile at her and try to speak with her... shy girls need a little time

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  • btbc92
    This is all so wrong and manipulative and that is how so many girls get hurt. If the girl doesn't want to get noticed, there is a reason! Leave her alone. She has to make the move if she wants the guy. Nobody should go after somebody because of feelings. Feelings are fleeting and always change! Men don't listen to be crap! Use rational judgment and start off as friends first! We're like this because we're scared to be hurt, used and abused. Wouldn't you? So do we! Don't do what you don't want to be done. Or else you may be greatly disappointed when they reject you or block you. They need time to process their feelings and emotions.
    • virginme

      Logical explanation, kudos.

    • btbc92

      At least you're listening. Other people don't and won't. Then we need some girls get hurt then they start talkin about what they did wrong.

    • virginme

      I care less about others. Betterment of your life is your own responsibility. Others wouldn't care about you at all. Therefore learn to know the nature of a human, know him/her first, then proceed.

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  • Fitzroy
    " But the best way to get interest from her is to ACT INTERESTED yourself. Once we are comfortable and feel like we have a chance, we open up and we show more interest naturally. Don?t make us guess... "

    So,ya, just be more blunt with 'shy girls'. I actually hate guys or girls trying to read my every body movement/eye movement. When I am 'locating' someone it's usually to discretely avoid them.My friends I've had who did the above things were usually pretty obvious about it and more social.
  • Guardian412
    4. Discomfort is a good thing
    Well, my crush has this habit lately. First she snaps at me, but then when I ask a question about her, she immediately smiles, her eyes shines and speaks without limits. She also immediately responds to texts (However she never texts firsts, with the exception of my birthday, which was a surprise to me.). And she seems angry when I speak to other girls around her. Did you meant actions like this under "Discomfort"?
  • whosays
    How... Did you learn my ways?

    Don't take the crossing arms thing too seriously, I hold my sides when I feel nervous or uncomfortable about something.

  • monkeynutts
    Interesting for example primates might use facial expressions to communicate a message, for eg baboons will do something called flashing and its often an exhibition of male dominance, if they flash the whites of their eyes at you, if means you have a few seconds before they will attack you. So getting back on track, non verbal communication can be used by shy people to show they like you of are interested. I think it is primitive.
  • 15Nightingale51
    This is absolutely me! Throughout the whole article, I was realizing I did those things around my crush when I liked him.
  • johari
    Damn so true I use reverse psycology 24/7 ever since I showed a guy my true feeling in 8th grade and it went sour..doing the opposite which is by ignoring intead of giving him full attention
  • Advicer_01
    I just want to say this really helped me and I really would LOVE you could make another myTake on the shy girl topic!
  • shyapples2
    As a shy guy I appreciate this my take! I think I’m more fit for a more outgoing girl that can bring me out of my shell because I’m really nervous around girls I like but I could still like a shy girl!
  • daisyriddle
    I’ve never read one of those “this is what girls are like!” Posts and actually recognised myself on those. But this one I did! Good job.
  • Smegskull
    Men can't read body language those circuits are taken up by motion sensitivity in our heads. This is where the "I'm not a mind reader" trope comes from. If you want a partner who can read your body language convert to lesbianism.
  • davidnoxier
    Totally agree with you. I have proven this myself. Great mytake. You're a very good writer
  • uluvshrainey
    Fits Me Exactly, word-for-word to a T! ...and I thought I was unique...pshhhhh =P
  • aqua000
    OMGHEZZZZ! I like this...pretty damm gudd...lolz, I was shy at one point for a guy.
  • upood
    haha I know but its something we kinda can't help for some reason...:) sorry! we're working on it!
  • Moloch
    This is so stupid. Not your article, but the fact that a man is somehow supposed to decipher your convoluted mixed signals like this.
    • Navanda

      If you don't adore the intriguing girl who despite of being near you just don't talk! & yet you feel attached to her thinking that there's something beautiful about her ways, you'll find it stupid man!
      Many guys find them interesting n they feel exicted & shit nervous to be the one to decipher their thoughts out of their quietness. A hardship for a rich fruit.

  • loveseeker9824
    What if she admires you from a distance, but goes out of her way to make sure I see her but walks away?
  • crazy8000
    All those signs is signs for not interested how humans communicate non verbally.
    That's why shy people get ignored even by their own kind many times.
    Hope you realize that.
  • upood
    True, being cold or insecure can result in crossing arms too
  • justanotherguy00001
    This just reminded me of two girls I know. Especially #1 & #2

    I'll keep this is mind. Nice article!
  • Keyspirits
    I know all this infos. Eventhough I'm a guy I know..cuz why? I'm also shy lol.

    If I ever met a shy gurl, I know what to do exactly. Ima do everything to step her out to the comfortzone.
  • Hahfjshs
    She gets loud her friends stare at me so does she everything is bassicly the same she does she looked at me looked down and smiled now she's kinda avoiding me because i didn't talk?
  • skytatoe
    I didn't expect anything from this take but its actually pretty damn accurate for the most part, at least in my experience.
  • FatherJack
    Men are VERY differently wired to women , and most will interpret shy behaviour as " not interested " and therefore back off
  • lazermazer
  • LaVillaStrangiato
    We have determined a mutual interest... If I ask for a Facebook connection, don't just completely ignore it. If I ask what music you like, don't say OK and then never send anything. If I try to make conversation, don't look at your phone, or pretend like you have something better to do... and then continue showing the ioi's.

    It's confusing and, honestly, isn't worth it for a man who is trying desperately to uphold a sense of pride and self-worth.

    Why not just engage? Have fun. See where things go without the walls!

    It's so frustrating when you look back and think of the perfect, lifelong magical relationship that could have been! Plus, it does take precious time to get over any feeling you had for this person.

    Yeah - I'm feeling burned. I just don't understand it all!!!
  • Greendog
    And if you misunderstood and she doesn't like you, then you are just a freak that won't leave her alone. I rather ignore her too and avoid uncomfortable situations
  • JustWorthlessMe
    Be attractive. That's all you need to get any woman.

    Any piece of shit who says otherwise is lying.
  • ArmedSquid117
    I don’t bother with shy girls they aren’t clear if they like you or not
  • PeaceHere
    Describes my actions to a "T."
  • DiEms
    This is too true!
  • upood
    ha! thank you lovely_girl! :)
  • aqua000
    ohhhh and so TRUE!
  • upood
  • Elaine1
    It is useful for boys~lol but useful
  • Saarr
    Loll, this is sooo true😂😂😂
  • XanderX
    That was perfect 👏👏👏👏
    • XanderX

      @upodd I have never understood shy girls, is it possible you can give me a personal advice about one in pm?

  • Raiden
    haha, love that article
  • Yeahhbro
    EXCELENT! :)
  • Massageman
    Good take.
  • Good take
  • Elizabeth00
    For me what works is get her to laugh.
  • sasukeuchiha7
    God! Why are shy girls so freakin cute!
  • Bismarck_96
    Sounds like Emo girls
  • virginme
    eres genial amigo! ⏳
    • virginme

      Did anyone notice that 100% of the girl's reply here are proclaimed shy girls?
      (i meant no offense)

    • virginme

      And that can't be true.

  • PeaceTea
    Awesome article, describes me exactly :3
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    I'm shy myself so I need a confident girl. Otherwise we'd never talk...
  • Anonymous
    This is so right in every way i feel exposed 😂