Why do people flirt with their opposite sex friends?

Why do people flirt with their opposite sex friends?

I don't understand the need to flirt with a person you think only as a friend.

Guys, you never flirt with your male friends, don't you?

Neither girls flirt with their female friends, right?

Why the hell you have need to do it with your opposite sex friends?!?

Some say for fun! There is nothing funny about playing with someones feelings, since emotions can get mixed up really fast. One warm look, or touch (from either side).....and all of a sudden..... you have a problem of "friendzoning" and broken friendships and million questions on this site and all over the internet: "Does he like me as more than a friend?"

Don't flirt with people you don't have any other interest than just being good friends with. I know it can be fun, but think that there is a great chance that someone catch feelings and eventually get hurt and heartbroken. Even if you clearly tell them you don't see them in any other way, your behavior is saying different and our brain is programed to observe wide picture (face expressions, body language....) and not just listen to the words. We react to touch many times and we are not even sure why?

We are so very different, males and females, and not to say every person to itself, so you never know how a person is going to react. So to avoid misunderstandings where ever we can, good start is not to flirt with people you have no sexual or romantic interes in. Always think twice what you're about to do or say.

Have a happy friendships with your opposite sex friends since they enrich our lifes.

Why do people flirt with their opposite sex friends?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • simplyaramdomgirl
    Usually if a friend is flirting with you, they're looking for one of three things. Number one they are testing the waters because they might be genuinely interested. Number two they might find you attractive but not that much as to want to actively pursue something. Lastly, you're just an ego boost. I'd be lying if I didn't say that many people flirt to know that they still got it. Girls do it and guys do it too, so there's really not a lot of room to judge.
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    • maximus99

      Like guys actually plan things. Sometimes, it's just cool having fun with someone you know.

    • @maximus99 I didn't say that guys planned how things would happen. I'm simply explaining three of the possible scenarios, which if you have been dating long enough know to be true.

Most Helpful Guy

  • markanthonypeace
    Flirting between friends is simply testing the waters of the friendship. It's how you communicate that it could be more than friendship. It's the first step. It happens before you know you're interested. I don't believe there is anything wrong with it.
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  • curious1991
    well, some friendships have sexual tensions but are never meant to develop into a romantic relationship because you both know that you are not suited for each other as more than friends, but the sexual tension is still there because you both find each other attractive and thats when flirting happens... if both sides are clear on the boundaries of the friendship and know that this is just harmless fun, then its ok... but it is never ok to lead the other person on just for an ego boost
  • dirty_babes_x0x0
    My best friend is a guy and we’ve always had a flirty relationship but we’ve never been with each other like that and never will because were best friends but it’s part of our banter and how we have a laugh by taking the Micky by flirting with each other 🤗
  • i1T2daty
    I sometimes do it just for the fun of a little sexual tension in the air. Other times it is a way to explore future possibilities and sometimes because I just enjoy the game
  • CrimsonProse
    I flirt with friends of both genders and most of my friends do, regardless of their orientation or how unlikely they are to ever do anything. If no one is offended, why not?
  • Browneye57
    Everybody flirts. Grown up mature adults get to DECIDE what they ACT on.
  • Lance1965
    We flirt all the time but it is done in a joking kind of way. There is a big difference between serious flirting and flirting just for fun.
  • Thatsamazing
    Well... they don't, generally speaking. Unless the other person is attractive. And then, why? Well... because they're attractive. Pretty simple.
  • Scarecrow13
    If someone is flirting with their friend, it is a sure sign they are interested in more. Although they may not readily admit it.
  • Dav1ss
    Sometimes they are actually interested mainly its as a. Joke
  • sachinHunk
    Men May be flirting... it's natural... What's your opinion about flirting?
  • esotericstory
    for training
  • Maybe pervert
  • Anonymous
    Probably because she is right there and a safe audience
  • Anonymous
    I think flirting is fun for both the partners. Its a mutual thing abd hurts no one, unless you bercome more emotionally attached to each other and it is not mutual !
  • Anonymous
    I don't know about women but guys generally do it because they're open to something more with that person. It doesn't make you not friends.
  • Anonymous
    Women flirt with male "friends" because they only have them around as easy and constant sexual attention machines.

    Males flirt with female "friends" because men only have women around that they want to have sex with.