Are players heartless?


I have seen this question asked a number of times, and because I just so happen to be an expert on the topic I decided to make a take on it.

So let's begin with the basics and let me remind you all that players can be both male and female. What exactly makes a player a player? Have you ever wondered why players are the way they are? Were they born this way? Are they heartless? Do they enjoy hurting others? If you do a little research you will find that there are 3 main reasons why players are the way they are and if you think about it it is really quite obvious.

Are players heartless?

Reason #1: A male who is really gay but either is not comfortable with his sexuality and thinks he has to be straight or knows he is but is afraid of society and being judged. So what does this male do? He plays with females because he feels he needs to prove to everyone that he is indeed straight and loves females.

Reason #2: You have the nice girl/ guy who is tired of being in the sideline. They're the friend, the shoulder that you girls cry on, the girl who you guys treat like one of the dudes. He's the guy who would do anything for you, who truly cares for you and loves you but guess what he gets in return? He gets to see you cry about the men who use you, he gets to hear you call him a "brother" and "just a friend". And guess what he finally realizes after years of failing with girls? That he just doesn't care anymore, that he is tired of caring for someone who just wants a guy who doesn't care about her . I mean it works for all the other guys right? So why should he be the nice guy when all girls seem to want is the bad boy?

Reason #3: You have the girl/guy who has been played before. This is where the cycle really doesn't stop. You get used and played by a player and get your heart broken, you become bitter, you decide that all men/women are the same and in a bitter cycle you decide to play other people so that you no longer get played.

If you look at all of these you will realize that with almost all of these different circumstances the player did once love someone and unfortunately the cycle continues.

Are players heartless?
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  • dragonfly6516
    You left out peer pressure. It's a HUGE part of the double standard placed on sex by western society. A man's social worth is based on how many girls he's fucked, while a woman's social worth is based on how pure and chaste she is. Men are encouraged to be "sluts" while women are shamed for the same behavior.

    How is a man supposed to be accepted by his peers when women are taught to deny him the very thing that makes him a man in the eyes of his peers?

    Players play (the game) because no good girl is going to give it up without some kind of hope that he's going to stay with her for keeps.

    If we could all stop treating sex like something bad, or even something divine, and accept it for the raw, primal, natural physical act that it is, maybe this crap would stop completely.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Crazyced
    #1 reason is because they are secretly gay? lol Come on..

    My number one reason for players being players is because they can. They were born with or naturally developed a charisma that provided them with a facility to attract women. Having abundance also helps to tames the urgency to settle.
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    • It's not the "number one reason" i didn't order them from greatest to least important.

    • And just because you are good looking and charismatic doesn't mean you will go around and hurt people on purpose. I know a bunch of good looking guys who girls love but they are faithful and love their girlfriends.

    • Crazyced

      What I said wasn't that charismatic people are players but that players are charismatic (most anyways). It sounds the same but it's not.

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  • yaddayaddayadda02
    You are an expert and your first "reason" for players is that they are latent homosexuals? Really?
    • These takes and self-perceived experts are starting to get more and more hilarious.

    • Get over it i never said it's the most important reason it's just a reason like the other 3.

    • You listed it as #1, and its a complete bullshit explanation.

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  • bubble_tea
    Shouldn't the answer to your question/title be found in the text?

    Your article only gives possible reasons why they're players..
    • It's called critical thinking you don't always need the answer given to you if you have all the right material to help you from your own answer.

    • bubble_tea


  • Bandit74
    There's also a 4th and 5th reason.

    4. They really like sex and realize that lieing/manipulating/telling girls what they want to hear they can get it more easily and with more people.

    5. They enjoy manipulating people and get a thrill out of it
  • Kinkysportguy
    I am definitely number 2 there for the girl and eventually fall in love with her butt she says we can only be friends, trouble with that is she could have a very happy life with me and a have all the adventures and more but as just friends she doesn't see that side of me
  • K-Cool-Dude
    Yah, players are heartless until they find their true love.
    Actually, players are no-one but the ones who have not been able to find true love in their way to life, so they pick a girl thinking that any girl may become their true love. And when they can't cope-up with the girl. They leave her and then again pick another. This continues on until they find the 'one' for them.
  • PiuBelloAmante
    what if a guy is a player because he is young and really horny lol!
  • harakiri
    No. They care.

    About themselves.

    A lot.

    Some even wish they weren't the way they are
  • Prof_Don
    I feel most guys are #2.

    They have been sidelined as the "shoulder to cry on" so much,

    that they feel that they have to be players to "make up for lost time" in the dating world.
  • apexalpha
    The problem with modern day society everyone is a self opinion ated expert on something!! Instead of people quoting what they know through eexperience or from cold hard facts!!
  • DamanMannn
    Great read.
    very accurate detailing as well.


  • no matter what , what they are doing now are still very bad.
  • Players DO have a heart.
  • sonia1013201
    This proves that earth is round LoL
  • bestusernameever17
    I'm number 3
  • Anonymous
    I think there's hope for everyone, if you can find a way of change.
  • Anonymous
    That's a load of BS. Did you even talk to any guys who sleep with a lot of women before trying to explain their behavior? And you basically never said anything about them having or not having a heart, despite that being the title of your take.
  • Anonymous
    But I don't understand if they used to care why not change or are they afraid that they will get hurt once again?
  • Anonymous
    Really what about this player i know that had a high sex drive? The truth is they are not meant to be anonymous.
    • Anonymous

      Typo there.. Monogamous

    • Anonymous

      And how about tiger woods? His father was a cheater.

  • Anonymous
    In reality, players are insecure. That's why they're like that.