Why does my ex only flirt with me when drunk and are there still some feelings there or something?

I met a guy my first year of college. I didn't think I liked him at first but once he moved off my floor i knew that I did. At first it was just a friends with benefits thing but then turned into more and we both admitted we liked each other just never put a title on it. After 6 months he decided we would be better off as friends. After the summer he was dating a transfer but his excuse to me was he didn't want a relationship. They dated for 4 months and in that time period he "wasn't allowed to talk to me" and would tell his friends when he was drunk that he still had feelings for me. Two months after he and the girl broke up he asked me to stay the night at his house after a party (we were both pretty drunk), He'd been with other girls since the breakup. During the night he told my friend if any guy touched me he'd kick their ass (some guy reached over me to grab his beer bottle). I figured he just wanted to get some but we ended up playing candy crush in bed and talking for two hours and then all we did was kiss. He told my friend it would never happen again. About a month ago, we had my friend's 21st bday party at my house and he was obviously feeling the drinks he had. I got home from work late but everyone was still there. He jokingly came up to me and tried to wrestle/ put me in a head lock in the hallway, which quickly turned into me being thrown on my bed and him tickling me. His friend called him and we went back out to the kitchen and played beer pong, 1 on 1. He kept trying to get me to make a bet and had somewhat of a flirty tone. His friend caught on and said they were leaving before things went too far.
So I guess what I'm getting at is, is he still into me and can't admit it because he said I am someone he would want to end up with but I feel like he is scared or maybe he just likes to mess with my mind while he is drunk but it seems like the guy I fell in love with fun, loving care free comes out when he is drinking. Drunk words/sober thoughts?
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Why do guys flirt with their ex and threaten any guy who comes near their ex?
Why does my ex only flirt with me when drunk and are there still some feelings there or something?
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