How to charm a stubborn girl?

Well let's just say I like this girl, we met quite a while ago and I fell for her come new year, but I learned that she really is quite stubborn with relationships because of some bad experiences.

I can flirt with her for a while and things are going really good, but then the next day most of the time she gets drawn to another guy that is only really around her just to play with her feelings as an ego boost (Most recently even a guy that was already in a relationship, but played both of them off against each other).

She knows this is a problem for her, when she broke down to a mutual friend not to long ago she said to them that she falls for people like that too quickly, even though she wants a genuine guy (Even saying that I'm the type of guy she wants to be with), sort of the young teenage girl feelings I would think so anyway.

Anything I should do?
How to charm a stubborn girl?
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