Stories Of Being Oblivious To Flirting?

Have you even been hit on by another person yet didn't realize what they were really trying to say or do until it was too late?

Personally, I've been oblivious to A LOT of girls flirting with me and have missed A LOT of opportunities as a result of it.

Here is just one of those stories;

I'm currently in university and have a seminar early in the morning on a Friday . There's this one girl who's very cute who happens to sit near me all the time even though there's plenty of other places to sit in the room.

Whenever I need help, she's the first person to always help. When she needs help, I'm the first person she asks. She also randomly talks to me about the tea I usually have in the morning and what I'm doing on my laptop.

Whenever she sees me around, she'd be staring at me and giggling with her friends until I look her direction and they pretend to be looking at something else.

One time after a seminar, she decided to walk very close in front of me on my way to the next class. So close her butt was almost on my crotch. She was walking so slow that I couldn't go past her, so I had to wait until she went the other way to her class.

I didn't realize until I told my sister about what happened when she yelled in my face, "ARE YOU AN IDIOT! SHE'S OBVIOUSLY INTERESTED AND WANTED YOU TO TALK TO HER AND ASK HER OUT!"

She hasn't flirted with me since then.

Got any stories similar to mine?
Stories Of Being Oblivious To Flirting?
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