When a guy picks on you does it mean he likes youu?

i liked this boy ever since I met him, one night I even got the courage to tell him I like him, but that was my worst mistake, I pictured it to be like in a movie when the girl tell the guy and the guy goes and fully understands and gives her a kiss or something sweet, on the other hand nothing happened he looked lost at me, now ever since then he picks on me so much, he never did before, is it because he's starting to like me but can't show it because I told him I like him? or is it because he's mad at me for telling him?

PLEASE RESPOND<3333 (; thank you


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  • What kind of things is he picking on you about?.

    If he's is saying flat out rude things to you then he definately isn't attracted.

    But if he's teasing you in fun ways then he's showing you he likes you but at the same time he probably don't know how to progress anything from there.

  • It sound likes he's mad at you. That's what little kids do.

    I remember when I was in elementary school a lot of girls liked me. But I liked another girl. So I thought these girls who had crushes on me were ruining my shot with the girl I liked. So I acted like mean kid, so they would leave me alone.

    Hope that helps.


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